15 Suggestions on How to Make Your Drab Cubicle a Nicer Place to Spend the Day

Photo Credit: Pixabay

We spend at least as much time at work as we do at home, but, sadly, those drab, gray cubicle walls aren’t nearly as homey as the spaces we create for ourselves.

That said, there are things to be done to make you smile just a bit more when you sit down for another day’s work – and below are 15 suggestions that might really make a difference!

#15. I regret nothing.

“Saw this Skeletor “Live, Laugh, Love” sometime ago on Reddit and I had to recreate it. After finding the frame online, I made two, one for home and one for work.

https://i.imgur.com/gCU30KI.jpg // https://i.imgur.com/fTwiZ6m.png

I regret nothing.”

#14. He does actually work.

“One of the managers from another department does little animal doodles of an animal holding a sign with your job description.

So far I have “Timetable Duck” and “Data Dawg”. My colleagues have “Alumni Llama” and “Quality Monkey”.

My boss has “Boss Bear”. They’re super cute and sometimes he colours them in.

Whenever anyone new starts that he gets to know they get one too. ?

EDIT: it turns out it was “Quality Goose” and not monkey. The monkey doodle apparently failed and had to be scrapped.

EDIT 2: My boss is not the illustrator of these. The “Boss Bear” post-it (not shown in photos as my boss was busy when I took these) was done FOR my boss by this separate manager from a different department who does the doodles. I think people thought my boss had done them himself, he did not. Sorry. Poor wording of that!

EDIT 3: I did show this manager this thread and he was surprised/thrilled people loved the idea. He wants to stress he does actually do work. Hahaha”

#13. Souvenirs.

“Me and my team travel a lot for work, so every time we go to a new country we get each other souvenirs. My desk is a hodgepodge of souvenirs of all over the world”

#12. Away from the main entrance.

“Tilted my screens away from the main entrance so I can go on reddit

Edit: thanks for the orange arrows, the silver and golden pixels.”

#11. It’s meh.

“Open office plan here, don’t have fixed seats assigned so we’re obligated to clear everything in the desk after the day is over, which translates in major annoyances to try and personalize a desk every single day.

It’s meh.”

#10. Propaganda.

“First week, someone called me a “penguin sympathizer.” Now my desk is covered with anti-penguin propaganda.”

#9. Many good ideas.

“FBI Most Wanted poster

A shelf labeled “implements of torture only” for my various hole punches and staplers

A collage made with pictures of all of these strange medical mannequins I found in a magazine.

A picture of a cup of coffee (we have to use the styrofoam cups and terrible coffee with powdered creamer)

I severed the finger off of a fake hand, put it over a pencil among my pens, and use it as a holder for my rubber finger tip paper grippy thing.”

#8. Rubber-duck problems.

“Two plastic dinosaurs, one herbivore and one carnivore. Objectively so I can use them to rubber-duck problems, but more often just to have one curse the other’s sudden but inevitable betrayal”

#7. A garden view.

“My desk faces a wall in a windowless office so I printed out and put up a picture of a window with a garden view. You’d be surprised to know it actually helps.”

#6. All year round.

“I didn’t really choose to add them, but I keep getting Christmas decorations for our company secret Santa. I’ve worked here for a little over a year and have amassed two small snow globes, one “Merry Christmas” sign board and one reindeer statuette.

My desk is the only Christmas themed one all year round.”

#5. Much more pleasant.

“A desk lamp. I turned off the overhead light, and it’s MUCH more pleasant.”

#4. At least it’s something.

“During the month of December I plug in an 8″ tall USB Christmas tree into my laptop and leave it on my desk. The only presents I get under my tree are documents to sign, but at least it’s something, right?”

#3. A fort of whiteboards.

“Another miserable victim of hot desking.​

Used to have a team table that was ours, built a fort of whiteboards around it and declared ourselves and independent republic…

ETA – holy shit RIP inbox'”

#2. Management likes it.

“I work in insurance claims. My desk has plastic fill size 3d skulls all over it from Halloween prop stores year round. Dunno if it’s pleasant, but u don’t get asked a lot of nonsensical questions . It’s also kinda random and management likes it.”

#1. WTF is this.

“Only if I could 🙁 I’d love to have a Pooh figurine where he holds some papers with “WTF is this” look.”

Try it; you never know!