15 Things People are Sick of Explaining

Life is hard enough without being asked to repeat yourself time and again. Especially when it’s because people can’t mind their own business.

From work, to health, to life, how many times have you found yourself sick and tired of explaining these same 15 things to other people?

Let’s take a look!

1. The truth can be harsh

Just because I said it’s true doesn’t mean I like that it’s true.

2. The law isn’t always right

Legal does not equal moral.

Moral does not equal legal.

3. Silence is golden

Nothing is wrong, I’m just quiet.

4. Invisible disabilities exist

Some health issues are not visible.

Chronic fatigue is real.

5. You can’t choose your family

Why it’s ok to go no contact with toxic family members.

6. Math can be hard

Revenue =/= profit.

7. Reading can be hard too

Read the god damned error messages.

8. People are different

That your anecdotal experience is not fact, u don’t know everyone so save the generalizations for the toilet.

9. Mind your own business

That’s it’s okay to let people live their lives even if you don’t agree with them.

10. My body, my art

That my tattoos don’t have to have a big meaning.

I liked them back then and I like them now.

Only reason I got em was cause I thought they looked cool.

11. Things are what you make of them

You can enjoy a game without winning, and you can win but still not enjoy the game.

12. Wear sunscreen

You can still get a sunburn on a cloudy day or in the winter.

Melanoma sucks.

Trust me.

13. Women aren’t just baby factories

That I, a woman, don’t want children.

People either think you’re lying or you’ll grow out of it.

14. Kindness is key

Why basic empathy for other humans is good.

15. There are consequences

That free speech doesn’t mean there are no consequences for what you say.

It just means that the government can’t dole out those consequences.

Your friends, family, employer, school and the public at large have every right to not want to associate with you.

After reading all of those comments, I can totally understand why people get bothered by having to explain that stuff.

What are some things you’re the most tired of always having to explain to other people?

Tell us in the comments!