15 Things People Claim They Can’t Unsee

Image Credit: Pixabay

There are some things in life you’d better be sure you want to see, because once you do, you’ll never be able to not see it again (the arrow in the FedEx logo, anyone?).

Someone on Reddit asked others what falls into that category for them, and the netizens have got some good ones – but beware: you definitely won’t be able to go back once you’ve scrolled through this list!

15. Or a television.

A dead pixel on a computer screen.


14. Pics or it didn’t happen.

I meet this guy that was a huge Conan the Barbarian fan so he got a big Conan tattoo on his arm.

He was not happy with it.

I couldn’t see it but when he pointed it out, I could not unsee it.

The tattoo artist did a bad job when shading so it looked like Conan had one leg and a huge dick.

Laughed my a** off when I saw it and I feel sorry for the guy.​

13. Oh my god.

In Super Mario Bros for the NES the clouds are the same graphic as the bushes just a different color.

12. Expect the scream.

The Wilhelm Scream in movies

the scream!

I also realize this is a sound, not something you see.

However, I can’t watch someone fall off something in a movie and not expect that scream so that’s why I thought of it.

11. *nervous tic*

Dr Pepper is spelled without a period after Dr.

10. Why, though?

The fake bird noises in golf coverage.

They are all fake and constant.

9. Way to ruin music.

In this case, more like unhear.

Breathing in songs.

Once you start paying attention to it, you can’t hear anything else.

8. Mole.

In Batman Begins… when he head-butts Falcons, something white bounces away from between them…

I have analyzed it to death.

Is it a cotton ball?

A ping pong ball?



Also the mole by Christian Bales right eye.

7. Whaaaa.

Just how many films made the past 15 years or so all use orange and teal as their default color scheme for scenes.

6. Mind blown.

Once you learn how to read, you can’t stop.

5. As if they weren’t long enough already.

Every single medication commercial is slightly slowed down

4. omg stop.

Bodybuilders look like a normal guy coming out of a muscular guy’s neck.

3. I am not looking this up.

The Stormtrooper who bops his head in A New Hope.

2. Forgetting this, too.

f you go to the movie theater, there’s a little green laser dot on the screen that I think is used to line up the projector with the screen.

It’s really tiny, but once you notice it you won’t stop looking at it

1. Or any crooked tooth.

Tom Cruise’s middle tooth.

Argh! No regrets? Or all the regrets?

Which of this did you identify with the most?

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