15 Things People Say Are More Physically Painful Than They Should Be

No one enjoys physical pain (in most circumstances anyway), but the worst thing of all is how it can sneak up and surprise you. Like, you accidentally slide the edge of an envelope against your thumb, and suddenly you can’t touch anything wet or remotely acidic for 3-4 days – what’s up with that?

These 15 people have some ideas about other things that really hurt much more than they should.

15. Hear, hear.

Being hungover in your 30s. It didn’t even come gradually. One sunday you’re walking on sunshine and the next you walk through the valley of the shadow of Death.

It was the biggest shock of my life. I used to go hard and never ever had a headache or anything, then one day I have a couple glasses of wine and the next day I spend the day on bed recovering. WTF

14. You’re just not expecting it.

Hitting that point on the top of your head with open cupboard door, even the memory of it hurts.

The unexpected surprise of hitting your head like that makes it hurt so much more.

13. They’re too small to hurt that much!

Dead tastebuds! Or whatever it is when just one tiny bud gets all sore on your tongue. That s*%t hurts.

12. I think they might just need to call a doctor.

That sharp pain you suddenly get in your diaphragm if you breath in to much and you get torn between getting oxygen or just dying, lol.

11. Unsurfaced Pimples

Those pimples that are underneath the skin. If you wimp out at any point it’ll hurt like a MF, so you have to squeeze harder, making it hurt worse if you give up.

The whole time asking yourself if you should squeeze harder and hope it pops, or accept the current level of pain that’s coming your way if your stop now.

10. They should be easier to fix, too.

Ingrown toenails!

I suffered with two for years, often cutting the ingrown section out myself, it’s a wonder I never ended up with a severe infection. ( Never do this)

I had to have the nail bed surgically removed and it’s been smooth nailing ever since.

9. It stings for days.

Ripped Cuticle.

did this yesterday in an attempt to shorten my nail to be able to play my ukulele better. now i can’t play anymore at all.

8. Parents of toddlers know.

Unexpected hit to the nose.

Doesn’t even have to be that hard. You tear up even as a sting fills your face.

Fun fact: that weird smell you experience after a bit to the nose? That’s pain. You can literally smell the pain.

Thanks to the way pain works, due to the rapid firing of the nerves in the nose also affecting the smell receptors in your nostril, you notice a smell that you couldn’t detect before. It’s similar to how repeated head trauma can reduce a person’s ability to smell.

As someone who backs for a cheerleading squad, I can confirm that I get the pain smell for about an average of 3 days a month

7. It can affect so much.


I had my first bout of baaaddddd constipation last month. I never realized it could be that painful.

Sure, I’ve had a hard time on the toilet, but the feeling of touching your stomach and everything is hard and swollen and blocked … next level.

I wanted to kiss the feet of the laxative manufacturer that eventually gave me some relief.

By the way, it turned out my liver was swollen and was compressing my intestines. Worth the trip to the doctor. Lifestyle changes ahoy.

6. You literally just fall down.

Stubbing your toe.

My mom stubbed her pinky toe so bad it was dislocated and pointing sideways, she was just standing there going “aaaaaAAAHHHHH” and my youngest brother came running out to see what happened (he was 4 at the time) he goes “mommy your toe is looking at the wrong wall!” And most of us were laughing so hard we got grounded.

Here we are about 16 years later and we still describe it like that, “my toe is looking at the wrong wall.” And she will throw whatever she has nearby at us, while we are all dying of laughter again.

Its 630am as i write this and it took me longer than it should have because the memory is still so funny to me.

5. You just have to wait until it goes away.

Teeth sensitivity problem 😅

Felt that. You drink something colder than you thought and you feel the painful cold spots on your teeth for the next half f**kin hour.

4. You can feel it all the way down.

Swallowing too much water at once. Seriously its like your throat explodes.

3. It just keeps going…

the random toe cramp where your foot keeps cramping and you don’t know how to unfold your toes out from the sole of the foot 😮‍💨

2. Anything with teeth, I say.

Getting stabbed by a Doritos in the upper ceiling of the mouth.

Ugh when it goes up into your gums behind your teeth.

1. It was bad the first time.

Biting the same spot in your mouth over again.

If I bite my cheek once, I know that I will bite it at least five more times throughout the day.

It would be great if nothing hurt, but I suppose physical pain has its place in evolution and all of that. Whatever.

Is there something else you think belongs on this list? Leave it in the comments!