15 Things That Are Romantic in Movies but Weird in Real Life

Ever wish your life was a rom-com? Same.

Too bad my five previous relationships were absolute dumpster fires.

So far, none of my exes have showed up at my house and confessed their undying love for me in the pouring rain like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. If they did, I’d probably punch them in the face.

What other impossible fantasies have movies made seem romantic, but are actually super creepy in real life?

These 15 folks shared their thoughts.

1. Last-ditch visits.

Unexpected, unwanted visits.

If someone tells you they don’t want to see you or hear from you, showing up at their door (and scream for them to come out and all other bs of the sort) is completely disrespectful of their wishes, not to mention borderline creepy.

I have no idea who would think that’s romantic.

2. Interrupting the wedding.

I don’t care how much you think you love them, don’t interrupt their wedding.

That only works in movies and you might also get your ass kicked.

3. Instability Works!

Thinking passion and anger is better than love and stability.

I was really upset in the Notebook for her leaving the one guy. He was kind to her, made her happy and you could picture them being a happy couple that worked together well as partners.

Yet the other guy (I forgot their names) was exciting! He was passionate and did random things! He was a better life choice than some boring guy apparently.

I don’t understand why stability is seen as such a bad thing in movies.

I know it’s hard to make a story about it, but it really sets people with bad expectations of what a partner should be like.

4. The Airport Scene.

I got one.

Running frantically through the airport, bypassing security to stop a the love of your life from boarding a plane. Then you get to the plane and make a loud passionate speech why they need to be together.

The other person says yes, and all the passengers start clapping.

5. Pulling a John Cusack.

If you manage to find a boombox in the modern day good on you.

But if you’re loitering outside my apartment block blasting that thing you’re getting a council complaint.

Fuck your love, quiet down, I’m trying to be alone and miserable in peace.

6. Aesthetic perfection.

Honestly the beautiful sets/outfits/décor.

Like, no one can afford that fancy dress at that beautiful restaurant and fuck in that gigantic California King with a duvet that’s 100yrds long.

No down on her luck city girl owns those nice things, and no country boy got a fucking suit like that.

Get outta here, show me her entering his dirty fucking apartment and the not at all aesthetically empty café they go to.

It should be loud in those cafés come on now.

7. Fighting the establishment (and winning).

Saving a local insert business here from a big corporate entity.

That’s basically the plot of every hallmark movie.

8. Small town girl has an office meet cute. And, it’s Christmas.

Small town girl has a new job in some fancy schmancy office building and has to work with the gorgeous new guy that she pretends to hate, and who also happens to be single.

And then they just happen to run into each other at the market while she still secretly “hates” him, and her BFF is all “go for it gurl!” because she’s obviously in love with him.

And then there’s a big huge misunderstanding, she breaks up with him, won’t answer his calls, and then while sleeping, they realize they’re meant for each other.

Then they magically fall in love at the end.

And when it’s Christmas, it ALWAYS happens on Christmas morning.

I’d rather kiss a moving train.

9. Jack and Rose.

Sailing across the ocean in an unsinkable ship only to sink and watch people die because there isn’t enough life boats.

It’s not romantic if you die.

10. Surprise!

Suddenly kissing someone…..

Like c’mon….

11. Ouch.

Having a chance in the first place.

12. The morning after.

Morning wake up scenes in bed:

– Fully wrinkle free sheets and pillow cases.

– Beautifully tussled hair on both partners.

– Whispering “sweet nothings” an inch away from each other with morning breath.

– Both able to form entire words and sentences.

13. The stalker BF.

Aww he stalks me… and stares at me.

I’m in love.

No, it’s creepy. And no one will be attracted to you if you do that…

14. We’re getting married today.

Falling in love/saying “I love you” within 24-48 hours.

I know there’s “love at first sight” out there, but the majority of the time, dude it’s too early, we haven’t farted in each other’s presence yet.

15. Encounters with the ex.

Running into an ex, and they have a genuine interest in your well-being.

As compared to – what are you doing here, I thought you left this planet?

Well, that was depressing. I’m going to go pretend that bad boy Matthew McConaughey has fallen in love with me and will finally change his ways.

What other things seem romantic in movies but are weird irl? Share your thoughts in the comments below!