15 Things That Get People Out Of Bed Every Single Day

We’ve all got to have at least one thing that gets us going in the morning. One thing that forces our eyes open and makes us kick off the covers to face another day.

If we didn’t, well…why would we get out of bed at all?

These 15 people are sharing the little pleasures that motivate them to start all over again every single day.

15. Dogs are a gift.

My dog. He’s so innocent and naive about life.

Obviously because he’s a dog but I think that’s why we were gifted with them

14. Little kids are awesome.

Getting home from work, opening the door and hearing my husband say “is that mama?!” to our toddler before I’m even in the room, then seeing my little boy’s face light up, look to his dad like “are you seeing this?!” and then he runs over to me, babbling and giggling.

I’d say that’s my encounter returning from work at least 3 to 5 days out of the week, and it is my absolute favorite thing!

13. Employee of the month.

My baby dog’s big morning stretch and then watching him go back to sleep in his office bed when I start work. He works so hard. Employee of the month, every month.

He is a senior dog but he’s going to be 5-6 pounds forever so we always call him our baby dog. His name is Daniel. He just started his (my) work day. Excuse the eye stains, we are going to the groomer’s soon.

12. A friend to chill with.

Walking in the door after work and having my cat there waiting for me, always wanting pets and cuddles.

Then she follows me around as I change my clothes and tidy up the apartment, and finally we just sit together and chill.

11. The bad stuff just disappears.

Picking my daughters up from daycare. As soon as they see me, they drop whatever they were doing and run to me with the biggest smile on their faces and yelling “Daddyyy!”.

The absolute sh*%tiest day at work just disappears in that moment.

10. Snuggle buddies.

For me it’s going to bed with all four of my cats being snuggled against me. No matter how bad my life is going at the moment, they always cheer me up. Right now two are laying on me and the other two are right against me.

I love them so very much, I saved them and they saved me.

9. A perfect morning.

Waking up, go in the living room and see my wife sitting there working on our desk in the sunlight that‘s coming through the windows, turning around and giving me a smile when she notices I‘m there, while my cat is running towards me to get a good morning scratch.

8. It never gets old.

That mid-day text from my husband, asking me if I can please come home early because he and the dogs miss me, usually accompanied by a photo of the 4 of them looking wistfully at the camera.

It never, ever gets old…

So thankful for all of them!

7. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Listening to music and finding more songs 🙂

6. Just relaxing.

Having that first cup of tea in the morning when I wake up.

Also my daily walk.

5. Something to look forward to.

Lately, my girlfriend and I read in bed for about an hour before sleeping. Sometimes we’ll read excerpts out loud to one another.

I look forward to it every day now.

4. Warm and cozy.

Those last few warm, drowsy minutes before falling asleep.

No matter how horrible of a day you’ve had or whatever is going on, nobody can take those few moments of comfort and relief away from you.

3. Keep moving forward.

Sobriety. Every day is a gift

To all those that are struggling – even if the thought of getting sober is only in the back of your mind or a twinkle in the milkman’s eye, you are already taking steps forward. I’m proud of you.

To all those that are well into their sober journey – you are amazing!

To the trolls – I hope trolling makes up for whatever inadequacies are present in your life…

2. Lots of cat lovers here.

My cats. I love them so much and most days they are the reason I find the strength to get out of bed.

Every few days I still realize “holy shit we’ve got our own animal just living with us in here” and often say it to my gf despite it being over 7 years.

Never gets old and that goofy creature never ceases to amaze me, Stretchy-Long-Chop aka chopper aka bopper aka Wenry aka wigwom aka the flop

1. We don’t deserve dogs.

At bedtime, my dog snuggles up to get her last belly rub and pets of the day.

I then raise the covers and she goes in and falls asleep under the blanket.

Every single night.

She will be 10 years old soon and I still look forward to it every day.

Some of these are my reasons, too, depending on the day. I really do love that walk with the dogs and an audiobook, though.

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