15 Things That Have Gotten Worse as They’ve Gotten More Expensive

It’s a fact of life that inflation exists and items become more expensive over time. Most of the time, the quality stays the same – or even improves – which makes paying a bit more bearable (even if it still hurts).

When an item declines in quality but increases in price, inflation can be a bit harder to stomach – and that’s exactly the case with these 15 things.

15. You used to get what you paid for with these.

Scented candles.

Yankee Candle in particular used to be the candle that was considered premium. But while they’ve never been cheap at least a while ago it was worth the money.

But now they’re just exorbitant in price, they don’t smell like they used to, and they are not worth the money.

14. Which is weird, because the Quarter Pounder has definitely improved.

Big Macs.

That burger “patty” is a stones throw away from being a slice of roast beef.

13. Something that didn’t get better with time.

Photo booths!

Oh the old ones were so cool! Four different real photos for 1 dollar. – Now you pay $ 7 for four identical bad laser prints.

12. They only reward new customers.

Cable/ Internet providers.

Oh yes sorry your trial period was over, your bill went up 200 dollars.

Oh no we didn’t promise you 200mb/s download speed constantly, we said UP TO. read the fine print 😀

11. Well if that’s not depressing…

My university education, specifically this year.

They are raising tuition AND fall semester has no in-person sessions.

10. Time to cut the cord!

Cable television.

More commercials, channels upon channels of crap, ridiculous bill.

9. You’ve gotta splurge for the Ben & Jerry’s.

Ice cream with fudge in it.

Used to get massive slabs of fudge now they just have tiny nuggets.

8. It’s a marketing ploy.

I swear that Reese’s peanut butter cups have gotten worse over the years. The peanut butter seems chalkier and the chocolate tastes blander.

Plus I can’t ever seem to pry them out of that little cup wrapper without leaving the bottom chocolate “skin” stuck to it…

I think the push to put them in the freezer and eat them chilled is a ploy to cover the declining quality

7. Hard not to agree with this assessment.

Smarties. Never been right since they got rid of all the artificial colors.

Better for you, I’m sure, but chemical blue was the best flavor.

6. I haven’t been there in a while but this makes me sad.

Buffalo Wild Wings.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but their prices have gone up and the quality has gone down.

5. Thrift stores are the obvious answer.


Even a sweater from the Gap is like $70 now even though the quality is about 10% better than Old Navy.

Goddamn it clothes retailers, settle down or I will go naked.

4. Real estate is not what it once was.

As someone shopping for a house, I have to say homes.

not only has the real estate market been ridiculously inflated (especially in NYC, my residence), I’m finding that the actual quality of a lot of these homes are absolute shit. Due to the ability to find and source cheap materials and labor, developers are able to make huge profits off high prices and low costs.

It’s making me really rethink if I want buy a house, or just use all that money to aggressively invest.

3. Did they used to be better tasting, too? Because…

I remember the donuts at dunkin donuts to be bigger and cheaper

2. Definitely not built to last these days.


Very few companies make clothes to last and fast fashion is rising while the cost of items continue to increase!

1. And who knows what’s in that chicken. *shudder*

I’m sure this will get overlooked but KFC. I remember growing up a whole family could eat there and it was great! Now it’s just garbage, super greasy, and will cost you an arm and a leg for a dang bucket of chicken.

They have gotten way worse and the price has went up.

Some of these are really appalling, but I never considered others!

Would you add something to this list? Tell me what in the comments!