There are some pieces of technology and pop culture that are as applicable today as they were the day the made their way into the world.

Others, well…not so much. And that’s why we’re here today… to revel in ALL of those things that HAVE NOT aged well.

For me, one of the most glaring examples of a television show from my youth that is pretty cringe inducing now is Friends. I can hardly watch it. Curiously though, the younger generation doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. They actually like it.

Is it because it’s retro TV?

OMFG… I’m getting old. Have I not aged well?

Anyway, below are 15 more things that people on Reddit say should stay forgotten in the past – where they seem to be stuck.

Let’s take a look!

14. This is actually kind of meta, in hindsight, so still funny?

The episode of Seinfeld where Elaine is dating a guy who shares a name with a murderer.

He keeps getting mistaken for him so she gets him to change his name.

She picks up a sports magazine and is trying to find a name for him in there, and comes up with “OJ” (Simpson, she was referring to).

The episode was from 93, the murders happened 94.

13. So awkward.

Matrix parodies.

For like two years there it was hard to escape the forced bullet time jokes in most media.

12. Just everything about her, really.

Tila Tequila really fell off the bandwagon.

And then she fell on her knees.

And started sucking… okay, I’ll be nice.

But then she became a Qanon-er? WTF?!

11. People on my timeline still do this.

Those shareable Facebook posts saying you are legally proclaiming that Facebook can’t use your personal information.

I mean… what the f**k did you think you were sharing that whole time?

10. Yeah, that’s definitely problematic.

AIDS, the diet candy.

Yeah, really.

This was from 1982.

9. This is just awful. But honestly? Not a fan of the entire film. #sorrynotsorry

The Japanese landlord in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


8. This one just made me laugh. Sorry, 3rd grade teacher!

The food pyramid.

What? I don’t have to eat 8 loaves of bread, 14 eggs, 66 apples, a whole turkey, and a golden triangle full of oil each day?


7. That’s tough luck, my friend.

Taking Andrew Luck in a fantasy draft yesterday afternoon.

Goodbye my sweet football prince.

6. As long as kids are telling their parents to take them to the movie, it doesn’t have to be good.


They used to be these kinda cute, one-off characters in a decent movie.

Then once illumination realized they can beat minions to death and back and still make hundreds of millions, they just focused on minions and ONLY MINIONS.

5. Talk about cringe-inducing.

All the acceptance speeches thanking Harvey Weinstein.


4. It’s creepy AND icky.

This one episode on the show Glee.

Mark Salling (Puck) had a line in the show where he said that in the future: “…I’ll either be in jail…. or dead… or both.”

For those who don’t know, Mark Salling was convicted and found guilty of child pr0n.

Then committed suicide.

3. I mean anything Cosby is pretty much cancelled.

Theres a commercial featuring Bill Cosby about ppl going to jail.


2. No backsies on baby names.

Babies named Daenerys.

Yeah, she’s a cold blooded murderer now.

Good luck with that!

1. This guy. Ugh.

Jared Fogle’s Subway ads

And also… the scene in Supersize Me when Jared is talking to children about his experience.

Some of these sure are a blast from the past!

Do you agree? Disagree? Have something to add?

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