15 Things That Were Normal to Have in 2010 but Not in 2020


Things sure have changed in the past 10 years, huh? (Especially in the last month, or so).

That includes a lot of things, clothes, technology, trends, etc.

Let’s take a deep dive into things that were totally normal 10 years ago but really aren’t anymore.

AskReddit users sound off!

1. Yeah, don’t see much of that anymore…

“Boots with the fur.”

2. I remember these!

“Cellphone with a physical keyboard.”

3. Got a whole stack of them.

“Burned CDs that you wrote on top of.”

4. Who could forget?

“A vuvuzela.


5. It was pretty cool.

“Not many people talk about Wii but I feel like that was the real shit.”

6. Yeah, that’s long gone.

“Any respect for Jared the Subway guy.”

7. I miss this.

“CD/DVD drive.

Yesterday I took my laptop out, it’s a ThinkPad I run CAD stuff on. I wanted to play absolute fabulous dvd because I’m sick and bored, and wanted to lay in bed. Then I realised… I don’t have a device with a dvd/cd player.

My tower doesn’t have one, my laptop doesn’t have. I can’t even recall when was the last I needed one other than last night. Everything from programs to media I basically have either online or on USB storage.”

8. Had to get to a computer.

“A still functioning flip phone with no access to the internet.”

9. It’s been a while.

““Funny” ringtones. Everyone had some ridiculous comedy ringtone for a couple of years there, and then in like 2011 we just mutually decided as a culture to keep our phones on vibrate.


10. Sad but true…

“Toilet paper and food on shelves.”

11. Tons of CDs.

“Those zip up CD holder bags, I had like 5 completely full ones in my car at all times.”

12. The good old days.

“A Facebook and Tumblr account you weren’t ashamed of. Now it’s all about Instagram or Twitter, and the consensus among younger people seems to be that Facebook is for Boomers.

Tumblr lost a ton of users after they were bought by Yahoo, Yahoo did what Yahoo does and fucked it up, it got sold to Verizon at a loss, and Verizon cracked down on all the lewd art. But they’re somehow still limping along.”

13. Remember that?

“A regular savings account that gave several percent interest, even with only $200 in it. And you weren’t charged a maintenance fee on it because it was under the $300 minimum.”

14. Used to be a big deal.

“A misdemeanor marijuana possession charge. At least in Maryland.

I used to be paranoid. Now you can damn near walk down the street smoking and not get harassed. And people made a big deal about it if you got busted.”

15. I still have mine!

“An Ipod.

I found mine out while cleaning a month ago so I brought it to work because I’m sick of the Spotify adverts.Got quite a few eye rolls and some “Are you trying to be hipster” comments. But honestly, it’s great! I’ve found so many songs I’d forgotten about. Also found a few “podcasts” I’d recorded with some friends like 8 years ago and they are hilariously dumb.”

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