15 Photos That Say, Do NOT Mess With Mother Nature

Photo Credit: thisisnotmyfault/Imgur

Ever had that feeling that you should respect nature like it’s an actual, collective thing? Like it doesn’t care about you or what you want in any way, shape or form because it’s too busy doing its thing?

Yeah, me too. And these 15 photos prove that it has no problem letting us know who’s really in charge.

Check out these insane photos and never, ever disrespect nature again.

1. They installed a shower in the office? Oh…

Photo Credit: age104:Reddit

2. That’s snow. Just a line of it. Because nature.

3. A mighty wind’s a blowin’…

4. So, it rained a little bit overnight.

Photo Credit: epicmoe:Reddit

5. When the wind turns your yard into a painting.

Photo Credit: ericb303:Reddit

6. This is actually a desert. Sand covering snow. In Nigeria.

Photo Credit: Ground55:Pikabu

7. Aliens don’t really exist, but these clouds do!

Photo Credit: Hellholder:Reddit

8. The Siiiimpsoooons!

Photo Credit: khemfrov:Pikabu

9. After the hurricane, it’s apple-pickin’ time!

Photo Credit: KRua:Pikabu

10. I think the faucet has a leak…

Photo Credit: Palpat1ne:Pikabu

11. Think they survived the flood?

Photo Credit: Palpat1ne:Pikabu

12. Nature’s new carpet isn’t quite working out.

13. Yes, that’s snow.

Photo Credit: Xingua92:Reddit

14. Fun fact: rainbows are actually raincircles when there’s no ground to interrupt them.

Photo Credit: zacharyem:Reddit

15. The bank is officially closed today.

Photo Credit: Zega:Pikabu

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? If Mother Nature were a real person, would she really be drunk… or maybe she’d actually be a 5-year-old kid…