15 People Share Stories About the Times They Were Speechless

Honestly, it takes quite a bit for someone to say something so crazy, so out there, so dumb, so whatever, that your brain literally can’t come up with a single response.

Most of us have had it happen at least once in our lives, and maybe later we think of the perfect comeback, or wish we would have said more.

These 15 people remember exactly when it happened to them, and reading through these, it just might happen to you, too.

15. You guys my heart.

I was at the funeral for my dad, who unfortunately passed before his parents (my grandparents) did.

Oma (grandmother) is very very sad and goes up to pay her last respects. As she comes back, she’s crying, and she reaches out for my sister’s hand and grips it tightly. She says “ach, his hands are so cold, so cold.”

My sister: “Don’t worry Oma, he’ll be warm soon.”

14. I mean, just yikes.

“We have a population of 330 million. If everyone just gave each other a dollar, we’d all be millionaires”

~Bimbo coworker I had.

13. Still the fiancee?

“If I blew off my arm, would you let me put my nub in your butt?”


12. There’s no need to even discuss further.

I used to have a friend with whom I had a three hour long discussion about physics related questions which he asked me. The questions all revolved around gravity in some way. At first, I thought he was genuinly interested in this topic. After 2.5 hours, I suddenly found myself googling papers that discussed gravitational waves and stuff like that (goes waaaaay over my head). So by then I got suspicious and asked him that if he wasn’t willing to accept my answer, what would he think the answer is then?

Flat. Earth.

I blocked his ass.

11. I don’t see how therapy could fix that.

My ex hubby was always right, no matter what, no matter the situation. This caused lots of problems for us and of course, he’s now an ex but I had told the family counselor this and the counselor did not quite believe me.

She suggested that I might be exaggerating just a little bit. That was in a private session. The next time we were in a couples session I asked my ex point blank “In the 15 years we have been together do you think it might be possible that you were wrong about something?” His response was “Since I always use logic to reason out an answer, I highly doubt I have ever been wrong.”

It was validating seeing the counselor’s eye pop out of her head and then she spent the rest of our session trying to argue that nobody is 100% right 100% of the time. Yeah my dear, feel my pain. Thank you. The marriage is over.

Moving on….

10. …that’s an argument.

Okay I’ve posted this a couple times before, but to this day I still have to just sit and think for a minute ever time I remember this:

It was 2014 or so in college and I had a statistics class. We worked in groups and I always had this other girl at the table with me. Didn’t have much of an impression of her because we didn’t talk much. But randomly one day she asked me what I thought of legalizing weed. It took me back because I really hadn’t talked to her much up until this point, plus it’s a loaded question even if we were in college. All I said back was, “well I don’t see much wrong with it” and tried to leave it at that.

She comes back at me and says “I definitely think it should be legal. Because the THC kills off brain cells, so if it’s legal that means more people will smoke it and everyone will get more dumb. Then because I’ll choose not to smoke it, everyone will become dummer than me and it’ll mean I become more successful than everyone else.”

I literally could not respond. I don’t think I ever talked to her again, nor did I want to after that

9. I sincerely hope he takes his mother’s opinion with a grain of salt.

I work with a woman who is very difficult to get along with, to say the least.

Her oldest son is about 11, from a previous relationship than his younger brother, who is 7 or so, who was fathered by the man she’s currently with.

The oldest son has very high functioning autism, and also happens to have a large fascination with insects and insect related fields.

I remember once I was closing down the store I manage with her and she told me this tid bit of info about her oldest sons fascination with insects. I admited that while I’m not fond of insects myself, that it was neat that he liked them so much. And that if that fascination is fostered properly he could use that to his advantage and become a great biologist, or whatever it’s called when you specifically study insects. It’s a big field and he could leave a huge mark on it like Temple Grandin did for Cattle Production.

She looked me Dead in the face and said, “No, bugs are disgusting and he’s weird for liking them so much. His brother like normal things, why can’t he like normal things?”.

I almost cried dudes. I wish this a r/thathappened post, but it’s not. She just flat said that shit to me.

Needless to say I, and everyone else at the store I manage, really dislikes her.

8. Someone was in the wrong industry.

I work in travel and it wasn’t a single sentence so much as a coworker having an entire conversation with a customer and telling them Berlin was a country.

Myself and the other coworker in the store were dumbfounded.

7. That man does not deserve to have a license.

I once during what they call “A mental health crisis” called the non emergency doctors number at around 3am.

After speaking to them for a little while they said the doctor would call me back, 45 minutes later I got a call from the doctor, I explained that I was desperate and wasn’t sure what I would do if I didn’t get help and that I was so afraid I couldn’t make it to a hospital on my own (the new antidepressants I’d been put on were making me hallucinate and so terrified I hadn’t slept in a few days)

The doctor replied “if you can’t get to the hospital that’s not our responsibility. You could call an ambulance but you doing so would be a waste of resources even if you do plan on killing yourself if you can’t get immediate help” and hung up the phone.

6. That’s not how any of this works.

“You can’t email me the document.

I need you to fax it to me because it has to be original”.

5. You definitely don’t want to say no to that.

Ex-girlfriend when we broke up:

“I know you still love me but if you want I can give a dozen reasons why you should hate me”.

Uh…..nope. I’ll just leave with whatever dignity I still have thank you very much.

4. This is wildly insensitive.

“Can’t you just get over it already?! It’s not like it’s your mom or dad! You need to learn how to quit making everything about you and realize that I have problems too”

-An ex, angry that I cancelled date night to go to the hospital while my grandpa was dying.

Edit: Clarifying that ex and I are both dudes.

3. Someone is in the wrong profession.

“You know that the world doesn’t revolve around you, right?”

-My Guidance Counselor

[I came to her two days in a row because I was extremely depressed]

2. When you don’t want to know but you’re glad that you do.

When I was younger my older brother developed a psychosis from his depression and anxiety. My parents eventually found out that he was hearing voices and wanted to end his life. He was sent to the mental hospital for a week and is alive and well today after lots of therapy and medication.

I’m 18 and he’s 23, my mom, my brother and me were hanging out around a campfire and having a good night. We were talking about his mental health experience and my mom suggested that he tell me what he did. I was confused so I was like ok? What did you do?

He proceeded to say “a few weeks before I was put in the hospital I went upstairs and I took dads 12 gage and put it to my forehead. I was going to pull the trigger but I just couldn’t because I was a afraid that you were the one that was going to find me. I didn’t want you to see the mess and I didn’t want to live without you, or you to live without me”

I was completely shocked, for years I didn’t ask and I didn’t know what he actually did. I didn’t know the full story and it made me feel so important because he wanted to live because of me. I didn’t know what to say but I’m so thankful he is alive, I wouldn’t be able to live with out him because I love him so much. I am so glad he is alive and here with my family. I would be a completely different person if he wasn’t alive today.

1. This woman is a hero.

Walking through grocery store parking lot. Woman rolls down her window and points at me and says “wieners on the post” …….

The bollard next to me had a package of hot dogs sitting on top of it.

Speechless at the time …. giggle about every other week for years

I wish I could say I was surprised, but I spent a lot of time working with the public, so…not so much.

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