15 Times Tumblr Was the Place to Be for Period Jokes

Who doesn’t love a good period joke? People without a good sense of humor, I guess. Or without a uterus. Or who don’t live in close proximity to a uterus.

Basically not that many people.

And these 15 posts about periods are gold, my friends. At least, in my opinion. Read on to see whether you agree!

15. All of a sudden I hope I have a daughter one day

Photo Credit: Tumblr,ifunny

14. Preach

13. This is a battle you can’t win, my friend

Photo Credit: Tumblr,natforprez

12. Well, that and we’re smarter

Photo Credit: Tumblr,peachvenom

11. Some days I weep for the future

Photo Credit: Tumblr,leela-summers

10. Bwahaha you could have started with ‘none of your business’, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as fun

9. Why do guys still insist on asking this question?!?

Photo Credit: Tumblr,buginateacup

8. “Preferably.” LOL.

Photo Credit: Tumblr,vajoochie

7. Truth in advertising would be great

Photo Credit: Tumblr,misogynytears

6. *hands award*

5. Uterus always gets the last laugh

Photo Credit: Tumblr,liberytarirynn

4. The gross, hard truth

Photo Credit: Tumblr,mermantula


Photo Credit: Tumblr,nerd173

2. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words

Photo Credit: Tumblr,snorlaxlovesme

1. That sound you heard was a mic drop

h/t: Buzzfeed

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