15 More Times Tumblr Won at the Internet

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There were too many of these to fit in our recent post. Too many that I loved, that made me lol, that didn’t make that first cut, so now, sooooooo many more hilarious Tumblr antics are coming your way!

15. Me, too, commenter

Photo Credit: Tumblr, striderdaves

14. Calling someone ‘poophands’ is an excellent way to end an argument

Photo Credit: The Chive

13. I mean. Yeah.

12. Final comment, best comment

Photo Credit: Tumblr, bubblelumps

11. I love that her concern is how to explain it to her psychiatrist

Photo Credit: The Chive

10. This is so gross, but I can’t look away

Photo Credit: Tumblr, phreestyle

9. “You may proceed.” LOLOLOL.

Photo Credit: Tumblr, stylishirish

8. Do not try to rain on someone’s parade with facts, son

Photo Credit: Tumblr,dorites

7. Knee-jerk reaction

Photo Credit: The Chive

6. #Always

Photo Credit: Tumblr, Kvleesi

5. When you seriously can’t believe you missed that

4. Everything good escalates quickly

Photo Credit: The Chive

3. I mean, it’s a valid question?

Photo Credit: Tumblr, gentleantics

2. Not Fake News

Photo Credit: The Chive

1. Point, Counterpoint

Photo Credit: The Chive

h/t: The Chive

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