15 Tragic Photos That Show the Apocalyptic Devastation of the Australian Bushfires

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I had the chance to visit Australia in 2001, and it truly is a remarkable country. It’s a beautiful place filled with friendly, hard-working, generous people, and weird animals that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

The devastating wildfires taking place in Australia are so enormous and have killed so many animals – scientists estimate nearly half a billion – that it is almost incomprehensible. Here are 15 moving photos to show you the hell on Earth that is occurring right now Down Under.


Be sure to look through all the photos and scroll to the end of the article to find out how you can help!

1. Watching it burn.


2. Heroes.

This fire fighter (and all FF’s) saving the people, animals, and homes in Australia.
byu/boldstyle1 inHumansBeingBros

3. All those poor animals.

4. Unbelievable.


5. These guys need a rest.

Exhausted firefighters in Australia
byu/Sumit316 inpics

6. World on fire.

7. The numbers are staggering.


8. The eyes say a lot.

My uncle at the end of a 13 hour shift volunteering with NSW RFS
byu/Caityface91 inaustralia

9. The smoke is moving.

Caught the smoke as it was spreading over our suburb in Australia
byu/Jaykoyote123 inpics

10. Hell opens up.

Hell opens up in Australia. Thoughts go out to our brave fire fighters.
byu/Geng68 inpics

11. Scorched earth.

In Australia after a fire.
byu/davetawil inpics

12. All red.

No filters. Australia is red from wildfires.
by inpics

13. Raging inferno.

A picture one of the local postmen took from his front yard. This was in Forster.
byu/FranklinFox inaustralia

14. Looks like the Apocalypse.

This is a pyrocumulus cloud produced by smoke from the Australian bushfires. It’s 12km high. It produces its own thunderstorms, fire tornadoes and 100km/h winds.
byu/potatoinmymouth inWTF

15. No filter.

No filter. A motel in NSW Australia in middle of the day.
byu/AcceptableJunket inWTF

Click HERE to learn about how you can help out and organizations you can donate to help out during this terrible tragedy