15 Treasure Troves People Found Metal Detecting

Source: Buck_Thorn on Reddit

There’s a great, cozy little show called Detectorists that centers around a couple of old friends and their frequently fruitless hobby scanning the countryside with metal detectors, ostensibly in search of some great unknown treasure.

The show, of course, isn’t really about metal detectors, it’s about friendship and fulfillment and life and love and all that good stuff. But still – it did get me wondering about people who actually spend their time doing these things, and what they might find out there.

Lucky for me, I don’t have to search long. Reddit is here with plenty of answers.

15. Spoils of war

Dang sun, that’s a whole gun!

We found an entire civil war Burnside Carbine, a soldier’s silver spill, two spurs, hundreds of bullets and more at a Civil War river crossing I found!
byu/deerhuntinghippie inmetaldetecting

14. Dog tags

Very nice of you to return them.

Bob is heading home to Wisconsin tomorrow.
byu/steals-from-kids inmetaldetecting

13. More dog tags!

Godspeed, Junior.

I just sent home “Jr” to California. The family are thrilled and I can rest easy knowing the right thing is done.
byu/steals-from-kids inmetaldetecting

12. The lost ring!

What a nice little story.

Wow, this was really cool. Landlady saw me metal detecting in the yard and told me she had lost a treasured silver ring she got in Bali 5 years ago in her garden. I found it in an hour, she was almost crying. Detectorists are your friends!
byu/woodrodius inmetaldetecting

11. VERY old money

I wonder what that’s worth?

Found 320 year old silver today in the Netherlands!
byu/Openrefrigerator inmetaldetecting

10. 15th century jewelry

That’s definitely something for a museum.

Update: The ring I found earlier this year has been identified as late medieval dating around 1450. Due to its age and material I am obliged to report it and auction it to museums.
byu/DohertyBS inmetaldetecting

9. An 1851 dollar

This had the equivalent buying power that about 30 bucks has today.

My buddy threw his detector down and started this wild and crazy dance. I tried to ask him what he found, but he couldn’t speak. He had to point to it.
byu/Buck_Thorn inmetaldetecting

8. Beautiful Squidward

Where did this come from and why?

Random find of the day… Squidward!
byu/pickledearwaxcake inmetaldetecting

7. Hammered coin

Let’s celebrate by getting hammered!

It’s finally happened. My first hammered. Henry III silver hammered coin ~1250, England.
byu/wayofthebush inmetaldetecting

6. Real old 7up

Hate to break it to you but that’s probably flat by now.

Not gold, but still a really cool find!
byu/Scribblenaut95 inmetaldetecting

5. The silver metal

It’s first place in my heart!

Found my first bit of silver!
byu/07Stocka inmetaldetecting

4. Diamond ring

Look at it shine.

Finally! It wasn’t a pull tab.
byu/Djalohr inmetaldetecting

3. Carnival medallion

Was it law for a while that you had to put an eagle on absolutely everything?

Found in my front yard, live about 5 miles from where the carnival was held! One of my favorite finds so far.
byu/fettyboi1738 inmetaldetecting

2. The upvote

As the prophecy foretold!

Was about to give up when I found this mega upvote.
byu/Fisepiss inmetaldetecting

1. A treasure trove

What a weird way to propose.

From 1 beach with my girlfriend the other night. Both rings are 18k, 1 with diamonds. That’s 7 rings in total! All were shallow with the equinox 800 and 15×12 coil
byu/TTT334 inmetaldetecting

The real treasures are the friends we made along the way. Also treasure.

Have you ever found anything cool?

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