15 Fantastic Finds People Came Across with Just Metal Detectors

Source: TTT334 on Reddit

If you’ve spent any amount of time at the beach you’ve probably seen a few folks scanning the sand with metal detectors, casually looking for nothing in particular.

It’s a fun little hobby if you’ve got the funds and the patience for it. And while you’ll *probably* never find some grand treasure that will make you filthy rich, you can very likely uncover a very exciting tidbit now and again.

Let’s revel in the discoveries of some metal-detecting Redditors, shall we?

13. Lady of Lake Washington

Kinda looks like a drama queen to me.

Lady Of Lake Washington Seattle. This one was recovered in 12 feet of water. Who was she? Where was she from? And what was life like then?
byu/lowtonedigging inmetaldetecting

12. The Brooch

And I thought MY outfits were old.

Last year I found this silver annular brooch. It’s been disclaimed as treasure so I can now wear it for the first time in 400 years!
byu/poshjosh1999 inmetaldetecting

11. A World War II Compass

That is pretty stunning.

One of my favorite finds. WWII paratrooper wrist compass.
byu/Wainsapain inmetaldetecting

10. Teeth!

Or, I guess, more of a grill.

Easily my weirdest find
byu/808snorkeler inmetaldetecting

9. Viking Sword Remains


Take a look at what i found! A dream come true! The gard from a viking sword found in a field in Norway. Look at the intricate design on this one. Found with Fisher F75+.
by inmetaldetecting

8. Tomato Sauce

You might wanna check the expiration date on that one.

Y’all are always posting damn coins and I’m digging up bottled tomato sauce 😆
by inmetaldetecting

7. The Goldmine

Dang Australia, what’s going on down there?

Metal detecting in Australia, minus 2 gold rings I returned
byu/TTT334 inpics

6. Time Capsule

Forgotten and found again.

First Time Metal Detecting found a over 100 year old Time Capsule!
byu/Gtclem0 inmetaldetecting

5. Old Scottish Coin

Lookin’ good, Victoria.

Okay. Now that I’ve stopped screaming “HOLY S*** HOLY S*** HOLY S***” I can actually post this. I just found this absolute stunner out the back of a supermarket in Scotland with a Garret Ace 150. Ran home to clean it detector in hand lol
byu/handyteacup inmetaldetecting

4. Denarius of Titus

Think it still spends?

What I thought was a Roman grot turned out to be a heavily oxidised Denarius of Titus dating to around 80AD!
byu/poshjosh1999 inmetaldetecting

3. The Lost Earring

And on your very first beep? Impressive.

[deleted by user]
by inmetaldetecting

2. Old Money

The best kind of it.

Today was a good day. 1715 Gold Guinea, and two 1696 Silver Sixpences.
byu/wayofthebush inmetaldetecting

1. Viking Broach

This is a Zelda talisman and you can’t tell me otherwise.

Dug this lovely small viking era broach from Finland
byu/Puukkomies inmetaldetecting

If you’ve never tried it out before, don’t get TOO excited. Understand that if you really wanna do this, the majority of what you’ll spend your time digging away at will literally be trash – pull tabs from soda cans and the like.

BUT every so often…a treasure will emerge.

Have you ever found anything cool around?

Tell us in the comments.