15 Truly Terrifying Pumpkin Carvings for the Modern World


Now, these are some terrifying pumpkins!

No, I’m not talking about carvings of Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees or Leatherface. I’m talking about carvings of…STUDENTS LOANS! A DYING IPHONE!

And other calamities that will make you shriek.


These pumpkins will make for a truly scary Halloween…

1. The horror!

2. Not looking too bright.

3. More kids on the way?


4. A design nerd in our midst.

5. Final exam nightmare.

6. Not looking great.

7. The most dreaded word in the English language.

8. Look away!


9. No one ever wants to see that.

10. Now, that’s not very nice…


11. Not a fan.


12. For our friends across the pond.

13. No retweets = A terrible day.

14. See you at church.


15. Truly horrifying.


Were those horrifying, or what?

I tried to warn you…

Share pics of your carved-up pumpkins in the comments. We’d love to see how you’re celebrating Halloween this year!