15 Rules of Adulthood Nobody Tells You

Source: @BoyYeetsWorld on Twitter

Adulting: you’ve seen the term a lot, and it makes the rounds for good reason: being an adult can be a major drag.

Bills pile up, your furnace breaks, your car dies, etc.

But if we can’t laugh at our situations, we’re doomed, right?

So let’s all have a laugh together so we can get through the hard times. Hey, it’s all gonna be okay!

I think…

1. I really don’t like this talk…

But I suppose it’s how things go now that I’m grown.

2. Trust me, it’s just how you wake up.

And so goes the long steady decline…

3. Aches and pains for days.

What are those kids made out of?!?

4. Something to look forward to.

I love emailing back and forth.

5. Kids in training.

I mean… we all could use a little more discipline, right?

6. Wouldn’t it be nice?

4 years of work and then we’re done? Yeah?

7. Running out of time.

I felt this… 20 years ago.

8. Good advice from the garbage bin.

Garbage in, garbage out!

9. Didn’t quite work out as planned…

But hey… can’t let that tupperware slip into the wrong hands!

10. I’ll be in my bed, thank you very much.

Just go do your data entry, Karen!

11. Put it off until tomorrow.

Delayed yet again!

12. I’ll be at home.

Going big is for suckers.

13. That is truly miraculous.

Keeping all the homies together for a dinner THAT big? Amazing.

14. Do you check this box?

Sadly… I do not.

Help us out!

Share some of your funny and painful adulting experiences in the comments!