15 Tweets for Folks Who Think People Are Always Mad at Them


You mad, bro?

Or maybe you’re just worried that folks are constantly mad at you?

It’s not so uncommon, after all. Some days it just feels like the world is pissed off at you, so maybe everyone in it is too.

If you are one of these people, take these tweets to heart.

1. Why do you hate me?

2. That’s life!

3. Can we talk about this?

4. It just seems like…

5. Good at overanalyzing.

6. Get out the drill.

7. They’re clearly over it.

8. Your boss wants you dead.

9. Silence is not golden.

10. Are you mad at me…while driving?

11. Who has a crush on me?

12. Here come the waterworks.

13. This will not end well…

14. Let’s keep this going.

15. You’re now under arrest.

Seriously, I want to know if you’re mad at me…

Please tell me!!!!!!