15 Dads Share Their Funny Thoughts on the Struggles of Fatherhood


You lose a lot of things when you become a parent. I said farewell to my modesty in the delivery room and have never bothered to go back after it – and yes, dignity certainly makes that list.

A reality these 15 dads are definitely living…

Proof below.

15. I mean at least they’re not currently destroying anything.

Savor every moment.

14. I hope your self esteem can take a beating.

“Daddy, why are you so ugly today?”

13. I’m sure they just moved along.

I’d pay good money to see that, though.

12. You definitely wonder why you bother talking.

She’s on to the next thought. Bye!

11. A stark realization.

My DNA is really, really unreasonable.

10. Anyone? Anyone at all?

Probably not, but it’s good to check.

9. That’s all?

Sounds like not that much, tbh.

8. This is your full time job now.


7. She’s not wrong.

But I can relive it through you, right?

6. Repeat with sunscreen, diaper cream, soap…

Yeah, that tracks.

5. Achievement unlocked.

I see you kid, and you’ve got my sarcasm!

4. Because he’s just given up, that’s why.

It’s the only thing he can do well at this point.

3. I feel his posture.

And his pain.

2. It gets less adorable quickly.

So so so so so so so many words. So many.

1. It’s your job.

Literally and legally your full time, non-paid job… unless you put those kids to work!

Parenthood, man. It’s…great. Mostly.

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