15 Tweets That Could Give You a Much-Needed Laugh

To be honest, a laugh is good for the soul any old time, but some days, it’s all that’s standing between you and wanting to hide in the closet for a cry and a bar of chocolate.

No matter what kind of day you’re having right now, we don’t think you’ll regret checking out these 15 tweets.

15. There’s always one of those kids.

God love ’em.

14. Does anyone actually look at those things?

Are you telling me there are people who don’t just scribble?

13. It’s a brave new world.

And a new list of milestones to worry about.

12. What is happening here.

I really need to know.

11. The best baseball.

Because no one is getting paid a bunch of money to act like a baby.

10. Narrator: But she wasn’t joking…

Those three little dots really say it all.

9. Yes I see the resemblance.

Don’t you?

8. The emoji really makes the tweet.

And yeah, that’s why we have appointments.

7. How to look sheepish, 101.

This happens to me way too often.

6. Doesn’t everyone have that list?

It’s an important one.

5. That takes a lot of nerve.

He should have less nerve, please.

4. Oh, man, please let there be a tour next year.

Just saying that kind of makes me want to burst into tears.

3. Perfect expression is perfect.

Why do parents insist on making everyone uncomfortable?

2. I can see why.

I don’t think I would feed those to my kids.

1. Some people really go the extra mile.

That’s a good friend right there.

Ah, there’s just something healing about a good giggle, don’t you think?

Which of these tickled you the most? Tell us in the comments!