15 Tweets That Should Be up for Some Kind of Award

Image Credit: Twitter

What kind of award? Well, that’s hard to say…you’ll just have to read through them and decide for yourself.

You’ll agree, though, that it takes talent to be funny on a platform that limits your characters (and where so many wait in the wings to tell you just how hilarious you’re not) – so give these 15 people some props!

15. I mean in more ways than the obvious.

14. You might want to watch last season of Stranger Things.

13. That’s pretty much all it takes.


11. Talk about burying the lede.

10. Yes, that sounds about right.

9. I wish I was as cool as her.

8. I’m so confused.

7. He must love salad.

6. That seems right.

5. He didn’t even choose someone inconspicuous!

4. That dolphin is going to need therapy.

3. They’re just not my thing.

2. It’s definitely up there.

1. This made me laugh way harder than it probably should have.

I’m off to work on my Twitter skills…maybe there’s some kind of class?

Do you have a favorite tweet of the year? Now’s the time!