15 Tweets Sure to Please Every Die Hard Super Hero Fan


If you didn’t go see every superhero movie that came out last year, what are you even doing with your life?

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Besides actually having one, I guess. Idk.

For the rest of us, we have this dorkily amazing community that’s being solidified, justified, and basically made better by these 15 pretty great tweets.

15. We would all be rich

Photo Credit: Twitter, infitinywars

14. We have a lot of questions for the Justice League execs, tbh

13. Everyone loves Diana

Photo Credit: Twitter, emerylord

12. Thank God!

11. LOL

Photo Credit: Twitter, MrFilmkritik

10. All the fangirling

9. And we’re all better for it

Photo Credit: Twitter, kylebuchanan

8. For some reason, this just cracked me up

Photo Credit: Twitter, 4eyedRaven

7. Better

Photo Credit: Twitter, kibblesmith

6. So say we all

5. Because it’s cooler than sex

Photo Credit: Twitter, bilrac

4. Amen

3. I will take these 2 and also the 1 who played Thor. K, thanks.

2. My money is on the latter

Photo Credit: Twitter, lgbtkenobi

1. This is one of my favorite tweets of the year

Photo Credit: Twitter, EvanMatyas

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