15 Unsolved Cases People Would Love To Solve

Unsolved mysteries have always captured the public’s imagination, and with more ways than ever for people to grab content – like podcasts, for example – there’s enough true crime content to keep us all busy for actual years.

We all have our pet cases, the ones that get under our skin and keep us up theorizing at night.

These crazy unsolved cases are the ones these 15 people would definitely solve if they could.

15. A really old one.

What happened to Louis le Prince. Thought to have captured the first film and mysteriously went missing.

Brilliant documentary called “the first film”

14. We’re never going to know.

Australian beach, random dead guy.

The Taman Shud case.

13. Missing pieces.

Lauren Spieler. I thought her “friends” did it, but now I think a random predator got to her the same night she disappeared.

Asha Degree. Why did she leave her house in the middle of the night, what happened to her and where is she? I lean towards she was being groomed and “ran away” to meet the person grooming her.

Delphi. Who the HELL is bridge guy and what does LE know/not know? What is the missing piece?

Brian Shaffer, Danielle Imbo/Richard Petrone, Mark Himebaugh… I can go on.

12. Both cases should be solved.

Delphi Indiana murders

Burger Chef Murders Indianapolis.

The burger chef case is tragic. 4 teenagers murdered because one of their brothers owed someone money.

Imagine the guilt he must live with.

11. Where do they GO?

Odd number of socks coming out of the dryer.

I have a long held theory that we may be gaining EXTRA socks- all we really know is that the count is off, so we just assume we are losing.

An extension of this theory is that there is no net gain/loss worldwide, just transport. You lose a sock, it turns up with me, we are both odd, and both assume we lost one.

10. A rabbit hole indeed.

Everything Jeffrey Epstien. I want ALL THE ANSWERS.

A crazy rabbit hole that no one will ever find to tell about. Someone knows something.

Maybe not how he died, but no way all of his secrets stayed secrets.

9. I need to know more.

Ariel School, Zimbabwe alien encounter, 1994.

8. I still have questions.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

We know what probably happened (pilot murder suicide) but we don’t know exactly where it is except that it’s somewhere in the Indian Ocean west of Australia.

My hypothesis based on the debris found so far and the condition that the debris is in, is that the pilot put the plane into a controlled death dive. This would explain why wing piece that was found was in the condition that it was as well as why we didn’t find more significant pieces of debris.

If the plane crashed in a death dive going straight in, it’s likely in 1 or 2 or 3 large pieces on the ocean floor and what we found was just what washed out or came off. If it had glided onto the ocean or the pilot control ditched it, we wouldn’t have the debris. If it hit the ocean violently, we would have more debris.

7. Into thin air.

Mekayla Bali disappearance. It’s the fact she vanished into thin air that does it for me. Though honorable mention to the Maura Murray case.

6. Something just doesn’t add up.

JFK, not that it’s entirely a mystery, but I want to be a ghost following the shooter and get to play around with some alternative realities if you intervene.

There’s definitely enough questions and weird coincidence that make you at least want to know for sure.

5. Well that’s just creepy.

“Who put Bella in the wych-elm?”

Super creepy unsolved mystery from war-time England where a woman’s body was stuffed in a hollow tree. She has never been positively identified. There was an equally mysterious spate of contemporaneous graffiti which asked in white painted letters, “Who put Bella in the Witch Elm?”

There are copy-cat graffiti, with minor variations of this text, that have appeared sporadically ever since.

The prevalent theory was that she was an Axis Power spy that had infiltrated deep into the English countryside. According to this theory, upon discovery she was quietly, summarily executed, and disposed of in a most hasty and undignified way.

The unsolved mysteries that intrigue me the most are those wherein the identity of the victim is never ascertained.

4. This one bothers me, too.

The Sodder Children! Always thought that was a strange mystery.

Some kids were “burnt to death in a house fire” they never found any remains (bones or such),they were said to be spotted in a diner some where and there’s not much proof ,it’s really confusing and I find it really interesting

That life insurance salesman was extremely suspicious, too.

3. That’s gotta be frustrating.

My uncle’s murder. The police never had enough to charge for this but got him for something less meaningful like possession of stolen property.

In this scenario I not only have enough information to solve but also enough evidence to get a conviction.

2. Joke’s on us.

The Voynich Manuscript.

It would be super funny if it turns out to be like an old timey shit post and has no meaning.

I honestly think it was. I think it was born out of an era so close to people like John Dee, and was probably made by someone trying to obtain a captive audience with a monarch or powerful figure.

That, or it was made as a mockery of people who were so quick to get caught up in things like mysticism/alchemy/occultism. Especially given the fact that no one has been able to decode the manuscript.

I think it’s less likely that in about 6 centuries no one has been able to solve it, and more likely that it’s a very detailed hoax.

1. One for the ages.

D B Cooper.

It was either Loki, or Tommy Wiseau.

I mean, I would solve them all if I could, right?

What’s your pet case? If it’s not here, tell us about it in the comments!