15 Weird and Upsetting Photos That Might Ruin Your Day

©Unsplash,Kalea Jerielle

These photos are weird. And odd. And strange. And mildly disturbing.

We’re warning you…now’s your chance to back out of this.

Last opportunity for the “chicken exit”…

Okay, then let’s get started.

1. Why?

why did I feel the need to acomplisy this. drunk missions

2. Way to go, dude.

3. Are you thirsty?

4. Very disturbing.

Thanks, I hate faces drawn on peoples’ backs from thanksihateit

5. Button Girl will haunt your dreams.

Thanks, I hate Button Girl from creepydesign

6. Do not enter. Ever.

I-I’m at a loss for words from ATBGE

7. No thank you.

Draw me like one of your Twi’lek girls from StarWars

8. I’m starving!

Cursed_Image5935 from cursedimages

9. Fun for the kids!

Thanks, I hate a transparent action man figure from TIHI

10. All dressed up.

hmmm from hmmm

11. It’s obviously possessed.

Sweet potatoe from oddlyweird

12. That’s actually a paperclip on a hot dog.

Forearm gets scraped out with a curved razor from misleadingthumbnails

13. Keep your fingernails clean.

hmmm from hmmm

14. Cool off!

cursed_shower from cursedimages

15. Okay, that’s enough.

cursed_candle from cursedimages

Like I said, we’re sorry about putting you through that…