15 Palindromes Words You Probably Have Seen But Never Realized

We all learned about palindromes – words that are spelled the same forward and backward – in school.

They’re forever stuck in my head because of a short story I read at the time called Hannah is a Palindrome (which, now that I think about it, might be more about bullying than palindromes), but you, like me, probably haven’t thought much about it since.

So, there’s a good chance that you never realized these 15 words are palindromes before now.

15. Civic

14. Radar

13. Deified

12. Refer

11. Level

10. Repaper

9. Racecar

8. Rotator

7. Lemel

6. Sagas

5. Madam

4. Solos

3. Murdrum

2. Tenet

1. Noon

The more interesting knowledge in my head, the better – that’s my philosophy.

So were any of these surprises to you? I have to say that racecar was completely out of left field. How did I not see that all these years? Craziness!

Do you have any you know of that aren’t in this list that are surprising?

Let us know in the comments!