Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in a Murder Mystery for Your Enjoyment

Your little world is about to become funner. This hilarious Twitter thread conceived a murder mystery starring two beloved, and often befuddled, British actors, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. We’ve never imagined such a duo solving crimes, but now that we see it, we can’t think of anything else.

Excellent concept and hook.

I have been momentarily distracted by casting of Henry Cavill as Lewis the Grandson.

The rest of the characters will be sorted shortly.

Here are some crowd-sourced suggestions.

We need to see a strong woman in a role.

Yes! Hugh Laurie needs in. God, yes!

Gin and tonics all around, I say.

We’re just brainstorming here. There’re no bad ideas.

Just making some space on my DVR…

The thread went on for days. No, seriously… idea balls lobbed all over the court.

It’s unclear how we proceed from here. But if you could all start sending in your first drafts by end of day tomorrow, we could get rolling on this. Thank you SO much.

What are your ideas? Leave them in the comments, fam!