16 Actors Who Seemed Miscast, But Totally Nailed The Part

When we hear about a new film or see that a piece of media we already love is being adapted for the big screen, we can often get a picture of what the characters will look like in our minds.

And sometimes, when the official cast list is posted on the internet, we’re a little shocked and disappointed at who landed the part.

Even if it’s an actor we love and respect, they don’t seem right for the part in our minds – but these 16 actors said “hold my beer” and nailed it anyway.

16. She’s a good surprise.

I remember going to the theatre to see Silkwood in 1983 with Meryl Streep and Kurt Russell. When they showed Cher’s name at the beginning, people audibly laughed. She was fantastic in the movie and went on to a very respectable film career.

I had always thought she was a good actor from her days on the Sonny & Cher show so why not go dramatic? Anyway, I LOVE all her work.

15. He’s quite good at his job.

I think I was of the opinion that Joaquin Phoenix was an odd choice for the role of Johnny Cash until I saw his acting and heard his phenomenal voice sing these classics.

14. He’s quite the chameleon.

In 2002, nobody could imagine Matt Damon playing a badass CIA assassin with amnesia. I saw the preview on TV and was like, “the dude from Good Will Hunting?”.

The Jason Bourne movies are among my all time faves now and I can’t picture anyone else in that role.

13. His straight roles are honestly his best work.

I tought that Jim Carrey in The Truman Show must have been an error because he’s a comic, but at the end I was so wrong that I reviewed all my life choices and felt like the worst human beign on existence.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (in Italy called If you leave me I delete you) was the same thing except better.

Incredible movie, every time I hear that Alexander Pope quote I begin crying

12. Oh Captain, my Captain.

Gene Roddenberry hated Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard. To the extent he had him wearing a wig during casting. The runner up for the role told Stewart that he killed the audition, but to lose the wig.

Eventually Roddenberry came around, and I personally think Stewart’s Picard was the most amazing captain to ever appear in the franchise.

11. Tarantino is good at that.

Everyone thought Travolta had been miscast in pulp fiction because at the time his career was on its knees. And he hadn’t been cast in anything noteworthy in a very long time.

Tarentino breathed new life into it hos career but giving him the role.

10. We know he can do it.

Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction. Played an excellent role as a non-goofball.

9. Pulp Fiction did many things for many people.

Pulp Fiction changed how movies got made, sold, and distributed. Grossed something like $107 million domestic on a $8.5 million budget. It also:

Resuscitated John Travolta
Rescued Bruce Willis
Catalpulted Samuel L. Jackson
Spotlit Uma Thurman
Delivered Ving Rhames
Who the hell is Urge Overkill?

8. Give her anything.

Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in I’m Not There. She was the most believable Dylan in that movie by far.

I honestly don’t think Cate Blanchett has ever been in a bad role. She is one of the best actresses currently living that’s for sure.

7. He played it classically suave and it really worked.

Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket.

Really came out of nowhere for me.

6. We were not prepared.

Charlize Theron in Monster.

YES. She is such a beautiful and clearly put together woman.

I was not prepared at all for what I saw in that movie.

5. I knew he could do it because Tommy Boy.

Rob Lowe in Parks and Recreation. Based on some of his other work it didn’t seem like the role of an enthusiastic health nut fit him but he killed it.

I love that they were auditioning for the replacement for Mark Brandanaquitz, and it came down to Adam Scott and Rob Lowe. Couldn’t decide on who to pick so they took both.

4. I already thought he was scary tbh.

Edward Norton American History X.

I could never feel intimidated by Norton… or so I thought. I was terrified of his character.

Primal Fear seriously freaked me out, too. Ed Norton has been scary to me ever since.

3. Now it’s perfect.

Michael Keaton in Batman.

People lost it when he was cast.

I remember reading that his Beetlejuice performance sealed the deal because they saw him doing angry scenes.

2. A great Viper.

I was skeptical of Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martel in Game of Thrones. In the books the character has a darker, more commanding type of charisma, but Pedro’s version was terrific.

I loved him as the Red Viper. He just oozed charisma. He had a wonderful level of confidence and arrogance and righteousness. He was the hero in his own story, but unfortunately Game of Thrones wasn’t in his story and he ended up getting something in his eye.

1. We had no idea.

I’ll always refer to the pushback that Dark Knight got when it was first revealed they cast ‘that blonde dude from “A Knight’s Tale, and that “10 Things…” teen romance”‘ and the Internet collectively went “WTF???”.

Wow. That was a huge error on our part.

Heath Ledger was an absolute legend.

I wholeheartedly agree with these, and think that just means these actors are super talented.

Would you put another actor or actress on this list? Make your suggestion in the comments!