15 People Share Which Fictional Characters They’re Glad Don’t Really Exist

I guess if I had to pick one fictional character off the top of my head that I’m glad doesn’t really exist, I’d say Patrick Bateman from American Psycho (the book and the movie).

If you’ve read the book or seen the movie, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

He’s one of the evilest characters I think I’ve ever come across in my life…just thinking about him gives me the creeps.

Which fictional characters are you glad don’t exist in real life?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Don’t mess with him.

“Darth Vader.

Worst boss ever!

One mistake and somebody has to tell my wife I ain’t making it to dinner!”


“Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Time would fail me to share all of the reasons why he’s the most evil, wicked, diabolical person ever imagined.”

3. Scary.

“The Thing from “The Thing”, for so many reasons…

Planetwide infection in almost no time.

Either you turn into “one” or get eaten/mutilated, messily, by what could have been a family member minutes before. The horror…”

4. Don’t need that.

“That giant sun baby from the Teletubbies.

Just think, every day, a glowing baby head 100x larger than the regular sun constantly staring down at you, its deafening laughs and gurgles manically taunting you.

Even at night you can still hear the distant rumbling of baby babble from the other side of the planet.”

5. You know about her?

“Mother Miranda from Resident Evil Village.

She pretty much is the reason Umbrella could come into existence and f**k everything up for humanity.”

6. Never thought of that…

“Kool-aid man.

He’s a quite literally a home wrecker.

Imagine taking a s**t and some guy busts through your walls?”

7. A real pain.

“Miss Piggy.

I absolutely can’t stand Miss Piggy, even though I have 2 wonderful pigs as pets.

She’s high maintenance, stupid and mean to Kermit.”

8. True.

“Anyone from Game of Thrones.

We have enough m**derous psychopaths in our world already.”

9. Pure crazy.

“Aunt Lydia from The Handmaid’s Tale.

She is fu**ing crazy. She is a sadist who pretends to care about any them when all she cares about is power.

I mean, this can go for any antagonist in The Handmaid’s Tale though.”

10. Destructive.

“Aku from Samurai Jack.


He is immortal, invulnerable (except to Jack’s spirit sword), godlike in his powers, and hellbent on causing as much d**th, destruction, and chaos as possible worldwide.”

11. Totally creepy.

“The Tooth Fairy.

Something about a creepy lady with wings who collects children’s teeth when they sleep is awful to me.

Even if she leaves you a quarter or a dollar I don’t want this b**ch in my house.”

12. Come on now!

“Homer J. Simpson.

Security inspector of an atomic plant. Has no qualification for that and is an al**holic with several mental issues.

Does a lot of s**t but has it all, a house, wife, kids.

Selfish guy who chokes his son, borrows things from neighbours, never brings it back.”

13. Good one.

“T-1000 from The Terminator.

This blob of chrome, can morph into looking like anyone he desires.

He has very little sympathy towards his victims.

This mofo can take a 12 gauge to the dome, causing only mild inconvenience.

He has super strength, can almost liquify himself to squeeze through any crevices.

And most scary of all, he’s not dumb about his tactics, he prefers being discreet about his approach instead of using his endless abilities.”

14. Very hostile.

“Stuart Little.

I don’t like his smug little rat face.

Only reason I’d want him to be real is so I could k**l him myself.”

15. No empathy.

“Definitely Voldemort from Harry Potter and Methods of Rationality.

A dark brilliant mind that knows no boundaries and isn’t capable of empathizing with other people.”

What are some more fictional characters that you are glad don’t exist?

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