16 Buildings That People Think Appear Vaguely Threatening

Have you ever been taking a walk, maybe in your hometown or maybe on a vacation, and been taken aback by some really strange architecture?

I think it’s happened to all of us at one time or another, and these 16 buildings?

I don’t know, y’all. It looks as if they have something to hide.

16. That’s just downright terrifying.

And there’s no way it wasn’t designed for that purpose.

Evil babies crawling on a TV tower in Prague
byu/fonnyadtfikusz inevilbuildings

15. I never would have guessed.

It looks like some evil shizz is going on in there.

This is a fire station in Italy. Hail Hydrant!
byu/Every_form inevilbuildings

14. It looks like something out of Batman.

The color of light isn’t helping matters at all.

this bank in germany
byu/Yaroze inevilbuildings

13. No way.

Someone definitely did that on purpose.

Maybe all these evilbuildings are just misunderstood
byu/Ayo-Glam inevilbuildings

12. You’ll think twice about knocking.

And probably decide against it.

When a simple “Do Not Enter” sign just won’t do
byu/malgoya inevilbuildings

11. This is actually horrifying.

Who would stand there?

Bottomless Pit
byu/malgoya inevilbuildings

10. That building will eat your soul.

And maybe the rest of you, too.

The ultimate game of hide and seek
byu/sizeable_interest inevilbuildings

9. I mean the fog definitely isn’t helping.

But I get what they’re saying.

I found Sauron in Pittsburgh
byu/savvyfuck inevilbuildings

8. Who thought that was a good idea?

I mean, it’s not very welcoming.

When your church has frickin’ lasers
byu/mattdeII96 inevilbuildings

7. This was modeled on Gru’s house.

Or maybe the other way around.

When your neighbor is a super villain but everyone’s ok with it because- “look at his manicured lawn”
byu/Ayo-Glam inevilbuildings

6. What is happening here?

I have so many questions that I’m afraid of the answers to.

Evil with a Twist
byu/malgoya inevilbuildings

5. Who approved this?

I’m so uncomfortable.

Boss, the camouflage shield is at 66.6% and failing!!!
byu/Teillu inevilbuildings

4. Maybe it looks normal without the fog?

Probably not.

Mars Attacks!
byu/mattdeII96 inevilbuildings

3. We want it to have a real “alien abduction” vibe.

Well, you nailed it.

100% real pic, somewhere in Belgrade, Serbia
byu/tanmaypendse63 inevilbuildings

2. It’s like a weird game of Jenga.

Because who doesn’t like to wonder whether a building will fall down on them?

Mahanakhon Tower

1. Are not concerned it’s going to snap closed?


The bridge that Loki built
byu/Every_form inevilbuildings

Weird, right?

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