16 Buildings That People Think Appear Vaguely Threatening

Have you ever been taking a walk, maybe in your hometown or maybe on a vacation, and been taken aback by some really strange architecture?

I think it’s happened to all of us at one time or another, and these 16 buildings?

I don’t know, y’all. It looks as if they have something to hide.

16. That’s just downright terrifying.

And there’s no way it wasn’t designed for that purpose.

Evil babies crawling on a TV tower in Prague from evilbuildings

15. I never would have guessed.

It looks like some evil shizz is going on in there.

This is a fire station in Italy. Hail Hydrant! from evilbuildings

14. It looks like something out of Batman.

The color of light isn’t helping matters at all.

this bank in germany from evilbuildings

13. No way.

Someone definitely did that on purpose.

Maybe all these evilbuildings are just misunderstood from evilbuildings

12. You’ll think twice about knocking.

And probably decide against it.

When a simple "Do Not Enter" sign just won’t do from evilbuildings

11. This is actually horrifying.

Who would stand there?

Bottomless Pit from evilbuildings

10. That building will eat your soul.

And maybe the rest of you, too.

The ultimate game of hide and seek from evilbuildings

9. I mean the fog definitely isn’t helping.

But I get what they’re saying.

I found Sauron in Pittsburgh from evilbuildings

8. Who thought that was a good idea?

I mean, it’s not very welcoming.

When your church has frickin’ lasers from evilbuildings

7. This was modeled on Gru’s house.

Or maybe the other way around.

When your neighbor is a super villain but everyone’s ok with it because- "look at his manicured lawn" from evilbuildings

6. What is happening here?

I have so many questions that I’m afraid of the answers to.

Evil with a Twist from evilbuildings

5. Who approved this?

I’m so uncomfortable.

Boss, the camouflage shield is at 66.6% and failing!!! from evilbuildings

4. Maybe it looks normal without the fog?

Probably not.

Mars Attacks! from evilbuildings

3. We want it to have a real “alien abduction” vibe.

Well, you nailed it.

100% real pic, somewhere in Belgrade, Serbia from evilbuildings

2. It’s like a weird game of Jenga.

Because who doesn’t like to wonder whether a building will fall down on them?

Mahanakhon Tower

1. Are not concerned it’s going to snap closed?


The bridge that Loki built from evilbuildings

Weird, right?

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