16 Colorblind People Recall the Most Unexpected Hurdle They’ve Faced

I think it’s interesting to get a peek behind the curtain of other people’s lives, and even more so when it’s an aspect of living that I’ll never experience for myself. Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad I can see a full range of colors.

That said, it’s fascinating to hear what it’s like to not see a full spectrum, and also to realize how many everyday things us “regular” folks take for granted.

These 16 colorblind people were surprised by these hurdles, so no way you won’t be, too.

16. That’s an excellent hack.

I had a teacher who was color blind. His daughter would make sure his clothes matched everyday and when she moved out he got a whole new wardrobe where every piece matched, so only grey or black pants only blue white green shirts and all jackets were black so he was always color coordinated.

Funny part was no one ever noticed the granimals set up.

15. That’s a bit off-kilter.

The football (soccer) team I support now occasionally wears a colour I can’t really distinguish from the bloody pitch.

So, I now watch 11 players from an opposing team walk about with ghosts as a show of support.

14. That’s bound to get annoying.

People asking what colour something is upon hearing that you are colour blind.

What people don’t understand is how good we’ve gotten at guessing based on context.

So then after 2 or 3 color questions that you get right you can see their face change into “oh… this is not as interesting as I thought it would be…”

13. I never thought about the silly names being a problem.

Shopping for clothes…

I’m not severely colorblind, but have issues with things like purple from some shades of blue, dark greens from browns, teal from grey, things like that.

So I hate when clothing store tags or website color options either have number codes for color or non-descriptive names for colors.

Olive Green on a sweater is great. Pine Tree and I’ll figure it out. Misty Hike and I am lost.

Same with 091.

12. At least they had a tiebreaker handy.

I don’t pick up on certain colors of blue/purple, and see them as purple.

My old roommate doesn’t pick up on blue/purple and sees them as blue.

Lots of drunk arguments which we’d then pull our third roommate over and ask and he’d be like “bruh… that’s obviously purple/blue” and we’d lose our minds.

11. I hope she likes green.

On my stepdads behalf, I’ll say that he doesn’t know that the kitchen utensils are all pink.

And also the time he got my mom a fluffy “pink” robe for Christmas, but it was actually green.

10. I feel like that shouldn’t have been a surprise?

My brothers and I (all colorblind) see reds, especially dark reds like maroon, as black.

Both of them went to a high school where the school colors where maroon and black.

Definitely some mind losing when we found out the school colors weren’t just black.

9. It’s easy to lose them in the granite.

Not color blind but my fiancé is, he struggles with the ties on loafs of bread.

The color of the tie will blend in with our counter top and I’ll hear him tapping his hand up and down trying to find it so he can close the packaging on the loaf.

8. A likely excuse.

Mowing the lawn, sometimes I’ll miss a small patch and wont see it.

7. Just leave it the same!

watching the NBA after they stopped forcing teams to wear white at home. It’s a confusing mess most of the time.

Every team should pick a home color and stick with it all year, mix it up on the road. OP is right, especially with teams like Brooklyn, or Dallas, or my Lakers, it’s a total mess.

Lakers used to wear gold at home, purple on the road, white on Sunday. How complicated is that? Now you turn on the TV and sometimes it looks like the Lakers aren’t even out there then you realize it’s freaking Wednesday and they’re wearing the Sunday uniform. Aggravating to say the least!

6. At least you can laugh about it now.

We had a lot of pecan trees when I was young. My father would get so mad when he had me collecting pecans with him.

He would point at the ground behind me at all the ones I overlooked.

It wasn’t until two decades later, and well after it was established that I was colorblind, that I recalled the pecan collecting days and realized what happened.

He had a good laugh about it when I told him my revelation.

5. How dare they actually fix something?!

I had a color blind science teacher. He brought it up when we got to genetics and recessive genes.

The small town had an upside down traffic light for decades. The teacher knew it was upside down, and just remember too was go, bottom was stop.

Then the town suddenly flipped it it rightside up. Luckily there wasn’t an accident, he just had to explain to the officer what happened.

4. Good thing there are also warning sirens.

I can’t read a lot of color coded charts. For example when they show rain intensity on the radar. If there’s just red, green, and blue I do ok.

When they start adding yellow, orange, purple, etc, it just looks like a jumbled mess.

3. Did they…actually say “defect?”

I was then only colorblind student in my h.s.

When science classes were on the subject I was called out of class to demonstrate my “defect”.

4 years worth at least everyone knew who i was.

2. Pick another color!

Color blind physician:

-Test such as urine pregnancy tests will often turn red when positive.

-Electronic medical record software would “flag” important information in red.

-rashes can be tough.

-I once thought I was being helpful by cleaning up blood on the floor. Apparently I just smeared it around, walked through it and tracked it around the clinic.

-I walked in to clinic and my coworker didn’t even look up, she just said “Nope. Never wear that tie with those pants ever again.”

1. He couldn’t diffuse a bomb, either.

Trying to pick outfits or matching clothes for my kids.

Thankfully my daughter helps me get clothes for her little brother when my wife isn’t around.

It’s also very difficult (read: impossible) for me to safely do electrical work.

I honestly never would have considered the majority of these.

If you’re colorblind, what would you add to the list? Drop it in the comments!