16 Creepy Theories That Will Keep You Up at Night

It can be stimulating and fun to ask yourself the hard questions. To really dig in and examine life, and the big unknowns, and all of the mysteries of the universe.

It can also be downright horrifying to consider the possibilities, the answers, and the theories that strive to explain the unexplainable – and these 16 theories are creepy enough to keep you up at night.

Fair warning.

16. Statistically, you won’t meet one…but someone will.

It’s scary that there are thousands of serial killers out there at any 1 given time who often just blend in with the rest of society and live normal lives.

Many will never be caught.

15. Wild to think about.

That humans almost went extinct. 70,000 years ago a volcano in Indonesia erupted.

There’s theories that we have a genetic bottleneck around that time. Took our population down to 10,000-3,000 (like the size of one small town).

Lots of fresh genetic material died with those who were lost and the resulting inbreeding could have resulted in some genetic diseases that have made their way into humans today.

Without this event, we may have advanced faster and be healthier people today.

14. My brain can’t quite wrap around this.

“There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states that this has already happened.”

– Douglas Adams

13. Wait, really?

The theory that scented candles starting getting poor reviews at the same time COVID hit the US.

Makes you wonder how many people have mild COVID before we even knew about it, pairing the lack of taste and/or smell as one of the main symptoms associated with mild COVID cases.

12. A terrible tale.

My gf has a story. When she was 13, she and her friend would watch horror movies in the dark of her room; a room that was located next to a fenced canal. One night, they both look over to see a pair of eyes through the blinds, watching them. They run from the room screaming only to be told by the father of the house that they had been watching too many scary movies.

Two months later, the mother of the house opened the door to a strange man who proceeded to rape and kill her. When he was caught, he admitted to having stalked the house for months before the murder.

My gf and her friend HAD ACTUALLY SEEN this deranged rapist/murderer watching them.

11. I don’t like to be cold.

Basically heat exchange theory.

That one day all of the heat we use in order to create energy will be expended and the universe will be stuck in a “heat lock”

10. I believe that.

That mind control actually exists.

It’s something that would never go public because whoever was able to perfect it first would be in the position to use it on whoever is aware of its existence.

9. I’d buy this.

Philosophical zombies. Theory that a good portion of the human race lack conscious experience.

If you’ve ever dissociated or done something and don’t recall(driven home but have no recollection, your brain acting on auto pilot) thats what they are like.

They do everything required to be human, they ape emotions, go through life.

They just lack sentience.

8. Alternate universes, I’m telling you.

When I was younger I had this little stuffed animal dog I named rocky. One night, my younger sisters and I (who all slept in the same room so we could hangout together) were messing around, and I two handed over head tossed rocky into the wall directly in front of my bed. He hit the wall, slid down behind whatever was in front of my bed, and was NEVER seen again.

I immediately went to go get him and he just wasn’t anywhere. We tore the whole entire small room apart. We all saw the event occur. Over time the room has been completely emptied out, everything in it rearranged, walls painted, everything- and no rocky. He just completely phased out of existence.

Makes me think he glitched out of the system or something.

7. Creepy, without a doubt.

That you might be aware of everything happening to you during surgery, the anesthesia keeps you from moving and causes you to forget.

6. Sure, a hoax.

There was a call in to Bell radio in the late 90’s by a frantic guy claiming to be an ex-area 51 employee. He seemed worried claiming he didn’t have much time and that aliens were interdimensional beings infiltrating all manner of human civilization.

Tool took the recorded audio and put it on one of their albums with some slight changes including an added ambient audio track and just made it all that much more creepy.

There’s about 30 seconds of missing audio in the original recording and a bit of a while later the guy called back in claiming it was a hoax.

5. Or an alternate universe.

Sometimes I’ll encounter random strangers that I get a strange vibe from, like they’re noticing me more. It’s made me think, “what if there are time traveling tourists just walking around, and I’m someone important and they want to meet me before I do whatever it is I’m going to do?”

4. We probably don’t want to know.

That we have so little data about the deep dark parts of the ocean and don’t truly know what lurks there

3. Robots are definitely coming for us.

I saw a video about the theory of grey goop – in which one day we invent micro robots used to break down waste, but could somehow evolve to consume all carbon based organic matter.

This would eventually lead to them consuming all life on earth. I was mildly freaked out by the idea of it. It’d be the most horrifying means of extinction.

2. Ignorance is bliss.

That the universe is infinite and there could be billions of other living organisms that all know about us and have significantly better technology and could wipe us out at any moment but choose to leave us be because they know that we don’t know about them.

Kinda like some indigenous tribes that live secluded and don’t know that we are this civilized and technologically advanced.

1. Now I need to know why.

The one that bugs me was the one about the guy who was last seen in an Airport.

Theres video of him just wigging the f*ck out and running away at full speed.

They linked the surveillance footage and you can see him run all the way off the premises.

He was never seen again. There’s lots of theories about what happened.

None I wanna look too far into.

Some of these really blew my mind in a terrible way, y’all.

What theory would you put on this list? Freak us out in the comments!