Non-Americans Have Some Questions for Americans… and the Answer Is Usually Yes

There’s no arguing that cultures around the world don’t differ on things big and small. Americans, though, are their own breed – they live on an island, for one, and exist pretty far from everyone else, relatively speaking.

Which is perhaps why some things about the States are very confusing to literally everyone else – but in general, yes…that is a thing here.

13. I suppose the ‘hot’ is superfluous.

I think “hot chocolate” is more common?

12. Is that…weird?

Other cultures DO have better shade vocabulary, I think.

11. When we’re feeling lazy, yes.

So basically most of the time.

10. Worse, most people don’t think twice about it.

It’s definitely a bit chilling, out of context.

9. We used to but no one uses their lockers anymore.

Sadly, they’re also too small to shove freshman into these days.

8. Is that not a thing everywhere?

They’re not ALL racist.

7. Definitely.

And there are also chaperones making sure no one is dancing too close.

6. What else would you call them?

Just ma’am and sir? Kevin?

5. Why, is it funny?

As American as apple pie…or I guess pb&j.

4. Literally all the time.

The movies are correct. This time.

3. My mom cooks them in the crock pot.

And I’ve gotta say…they’re pretty good.

2. I honestly don’t know how else people would eat bacon.

But I suppose the issue is probably different sorts of bacon? Maybe?

1. It depends on how close a friend.

But at first, for sure.

We’re just so cute, us Americans, don’t you think?

If you’re a non-American, what questions do you have? Drop them in the comments!