13 People Who Failed So Hard They Might Have Actually Won

The word “failure” has a lot of negative connotations, but in this day and age of people trying to live up to the creations they see on the internet, fails can also be super funny.

Whether you’re shooting your shot with a love interest, trying to recreate the perfect birthday cake, or sure you can do that trick you saw someone pull off online, people’s epic failures are as coveted as their wins.

13. So many random accounts.

Like…do that many people want tweets about throwing up?

12. I don’t think that’s actually a joke.

I’m here for the growth, y’all.


11. You gotta get the important stuff out up front.

And know your dealbreakers, I guess.

10. You have to respect the appointment process.

Otherwise it’s all chaos.

9. I guess no one wants to sit by the Fanatic.

Maybe he forgot his deodorant.

8. You almost have to admire his balls.

Almost. Not all the way.

7. Oh man super cringe.

And from your pot dealer, too.

6. She didn’t say a word.

This is one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen.

5. I’m a little bit scared.

Or a lot. Hard to say.

4. Probably earned her plenty of attention.

Just a pretty face.

3. This is…nice.

No, it’s definitely not.

2. Sometimes words are hard.

And by “sometimes” mean “all the time after you turn thirty.”


1. Oh bless.

I think he was kidding. *fingers crossed*

As someone whose stuff never comes out the way it’s supposed to, I am giving these people a virtual fist-bump.

What’s your funniest fail? Share it with us in the comments!