16 Extremely Cool Details You Might Have Missed In These Oscar-Winning Films

When we watch movies we do it as a whole experience, at least the first time. We may notice the costumes, the setting, the blocking, and the dialogue, but it isn’t until we nitpick it apart – or watch it again and again – that we start to realize how much thought actually went in to making the magic.

If you love finding Easter eggs in movies, you’re going to love these 16 extremely cool details you may have missed in some majorly successful films.

16. If you don’t know about Korean beer…

Now you do.

In the movie Parasite (2019), when we first meet the Kims, we can spot them drinking FiLite, which is considered a cheap beer – after Ki-Woo and Ki-Jung start working for the Parks, they can now afford Sapporo, a premium beer.
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15. I can definitely see him doing that.

I mean what a weirdo creep right?

In Whiplash (2014), Fletcher (J.K. Simmons) allows Andrew (Miles Teller) to play the drums for his band after the main drummer loses his sheet music. Near the end of the movie, Fletcher gives Andrew the exact same sheet music, suggesting Fletcher was the one who had stolen it in the first place.
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14. It’s sort of basic…

But it still works beautifully, like every aspect of that movie.

In Casablanca (1942), Rick Blaine (played by Humphrey Bogart) is shown playing chess. Humphrey Bogart played tournament level chess in real life and insisted that Rick should be portrayed as a chess player; “a metaphor for the relationships he maintained with friends, enemies, and allies”.
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13. It’s like seeing it brand new.

I love when this happens.

In Star Wars A New Hope (1977) docking bay 94 has a big stylized “94” outside the door that I’ve just managed to notice after 34 years of being a human.
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12. Ooh, a mystery!

Who doesn’t love that?

In Skyfall (2012), a stolen painting is being shown to a man. The painting is ‘Woman with a fan’ by Amadeo Modigliani. It was stolen in real-life in 2010 and has yet to be recovered.
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11. What a lovely touch.

I feeling the feelings all over again!

In Mad Max Fury Road (2015), Nux’s body paint slowly comes off as he regains more of his humanity throught the film.
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10. This film was way ahead of its time.

Also extremely creepy. No doubt.

In Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Eddie is animated in some action scenes.
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9. Those things are easy to miss.

But Disney doesn’t miss anything.

In Aladdin, the Genie writes Aladdin’s order from right to left, which is how Arabic would be actually written.
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8. Sends chills down your spine.

Not a good place, no way no how.

In Schindler’s List. The main road of the concentration camp is paved with tombstones
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7. Our little boy is all grown up.

I hate it how that always happens.

In Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), for almost the entire film, young Zero has a drawn on mustache until the final train scene where you can see that his mustache finally grew in.
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6. This movie is perfection.

I could watch it over and over.

In Black Panther, the hologram projector technology has been replaced by nano technology in the present day, shows the technology advancement of Wakanda throughout the years
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5. Directors love their callbacks.

So do writers, for that matter.

In Death Becomes Her, Helen claims she took the potion on October 26, 1985. This is the same date Marty McFly traveled back in time in Back to the Future. Both films were directed by Robert Zemeckis.
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4. What do you think?

Must be time to watch this one again.

In Black Swan (2010), when Nina is watching Lily dance for the first time, Leroy enters from behind and begins to talk to her. However, Leroy is never shown walking through the door in the shot, and instead seems to materialize behind Nina out of thin air, hinting it may be a hallucination.
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3. It’s the “red shirt” of the film.

Don’t wear red in a movie, y’all.

In 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, anyone with a lapel flower tries to kill Indy. Indy even signals Elsa is bad by giving her a flower when they meet.
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2. How fortunate for them.

Would definitely feel like a different photograph otherwise.

In Titanic (1997) there is a scene showing a boy playing with a spinning top on deck. This is actually a recreation of a real photo taken onboard the ship on April 11th, 1912 by Francis Browne. It shows 1st Class passenger Frederic Spedden and his 6 year old son Douglas. Both survived the sinking.
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1. Biologists rejoice.

As long as its accurate, I mean.

In Spider_Man: Into The Spider-Verse, when Miles Morales electrocutes Peter B. Parker, it illuminates his nervous system instead of the usual cartoon trope of his skeleton. Being much more scientifically accurate.
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I definitely didn’t pick up on any of these before now.

Man, I love the internet!