16 Game Show Moments That Will Make You Feel Super Smart

Most of the time when you watch a game show the contestants have been well-vetted and do far better at achieving their goals than you ever would, sitting at home on your couch. There are sometimes, though, when you sit watching, stunned, at the idiocy on your television screen.

If you love taking those moments and using them to make yourself feel like the smartest person in the room (for now), you’re going to love these 16 super dumb game show moments.

16. I don’t understand why they’re laughing!

You definitely wouldn’t want to play any version of that game in a nursing home.

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15. Did he need the question repeated?

Is there no other reason to stay inside?

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14. I mean sometimes your brain just farts.

And yeah, sometimes it happens at the worst possible moment.

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13. You know you’re thinking the same thing.

But you’re not on national television, so.

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12. Not only is that a bad answer, I don’t think it’s even technically correct.

You can see where his mind was headed, though.

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11. Okay this isn’t SO dumb.

It’s actually kind of cute?

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10. Depends on what you’re buying, I guess.


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9. I like to think he just misheard.

Or maybe his accent twisted the word in his head?

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8. The whole month?

I hope you have some good friends, man.

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7. That is not a phrase that’s sweeping the nation.

The way the other contestants are looking at her!

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6. I guess it really depends on the person.

This answer just cracked me up.

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5. The look on his face really says it all.

He knows that he has made a bonehead error.

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4. I mean. September is a month.

Major brain misfire!

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3. She’s not wrong? But that’s where her mind went?

I doubt it’s a top answer, is all I’m saying.

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2. Maybe if you live at a nudist colony.

Maybe he does, y’all!

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1. Because they might steal them?

That’s all I can come up with here.

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My jaw is just on the floor, y’all!

Which one of these raised your eyebrows the highest?

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