16 Great Responses To Jimmy Fallon’s #TravelFails

Listen, if there’s one thing that many of us have realized we can’t live without these past couple of years, it’s travel. Whether you’re going to visit family or are jetting off somewhere new, there’s just something fresh and exciting about going out of town every single time.

If you’ve traveled enough, though, you’ve probably built up your fair share of fails, too, and that’s what we’re talking about today – or at least, these 16 people who replied to Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag request are.

So let’s dig in!

16. That’s what you get for napping.


15. The luck of the draw.

Or the un-luck, in this circumstance.

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14. They really do this for just running a light?

I clearly need to be more careful.

13. That must have been some sale.

Either that or her mom was messing with her.

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12. This sounds like a horrible idea.

Like a joke that someone took seriously.

11. I feel like that’s worth more than $50.

How on earth does this happen???

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10. It might not be funny…

But is a story you’ll get to tell for a long time!

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9. Where’s your sense of adventure!

I hear they have bars in Oregon, too.

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8. OK that’s not cool.

I don’t think this should be legal.

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7. Is this a win or a fail?

I honestly can’t decide. Maybe it’s both?

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6. Did he really say “my good man?”

Was he Cary Grant?

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5. Again…a win in the end?

Paris is never a loss, and neither is sobriety.

4. Not a time-saver in the end.

But at least everyone is alive.

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3. Two entire hours.


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2. A series of awkward events.

Maybe he was sorry he was asleep for it, honestly.

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1. Embarrassed is one word for it.

He’s lucky he didn’t get a punch to the jaw.

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Ohhh man I’m glad I’m experiencing some of these secondhand and not first!

What’s your biggest travel fail? Don’t be afraid to tell us the story in the comments!