16 Hilariously Bad Language Fails

There’s almost nothing I love in this world more than a good list of English language fails. We know that English is harder than most languages to master, and no matter how impressed we are that you’re trying your best, we also really love to laugh at the fails that result (sorry not sorry).

These 16 texts are big ol’ English fails, and they’re also hilarious (as long as it didn’t happen to you).

16. This is my favorite thing ever.

I hate it when my chicken talks back.

Rude and unreasonable chicken
by inengrish

15. Honestly this seems fair.

Someone probably should have canceled me awhile ago.

Oh no
byu/urnangay420blazeit inengrish

14. Aww, bless their heart.

They do not owe us all an explanation but I love this one anyway.

Very wholesome engrish
byu/lulala112 inengrish

13. Bless his heart.

I’m going to need him to respect English in general.

Oh, deer
byu/sohaur inengrish

12. It’s either a tailor or a barber.

Go inside to find out!

English level: Expert
byu/Skim_Cheese inengrish

11. Eh, we all get it.

The pictures are really sufficient.

How hard is it?
byu/KoolIdiot inengrish

10. Ah, the “your mom” insult.

It’s a winner in any language.

byu/keeda101 inengrish

9. That reply made me spit out my coffee.

There is not a more perfect response in the world.

byu/Sheepapple00 inengrish

8. Don’t trust those people.

They might not be who they say they are…I’m just saying.

Tey stolle our stuf!
byu/UH-OH-STINKYYYY inengrish

7. When you’re having a day.

Just any ol’ type of day, to be honest.

day cake
by inengrish

6. The church is getting desperate.

Where are they going to use that thing exactly?

byu/Rhino_Squatch inengrish

5. What is going on here?

I’m thinking he means pic?

Cute Pigs
byu/engelthehyp inengrish

4. I assume they used copy/paste.

At least, I really hope they did.

I hope this was copy and paste.
byu/MY_NAME_IS_JET inengrish

3. Straight women everywhere felt this in their soul.

I want it on a coffee mug.

Men is too headache
byu/xNooco inengrish

2. I think that’s very unfair to that cat.

I also have no idea what they actually meant.

Homophobia in its eyes
byu/Blind_Carrots inengrish

1. Maybe this would really get people to leave your new grass alone.

If they think of it as sentient, I mean.

Just five more minutes, Mom.
by inengrish

Y’all. I stand by my opening statement. I could read these lists forever.

Which one of these made you laugh the hardest? We want to know in the comments!