16 Hilariously Perfect Pet Names Seen On Petfinder

One of the things no one tells you about working in animal rescue is how many different names you will have to come up with during your tenure. The names have to be unique, since you’ll likely be dealing with vet records, and they have to be both adorable and memorable enough to catch the attention of potential adopters online.


It’s a good thing these 16 pets’ caregivers were up to the challenge – because anyone who has seen their names on Petfinder is bound to forget them.

16. They will totally stalk you.

But this time you won’t care.

15. The darlings of the club.

How could you not take them both?

14. I…don’t have any words.

This one has stumped me.

13. This seems like shade.

Who wants hot dog water?

12. Perhaps he’ll grow into it.

If he’s meant to wear the mantle, he will.

11. Everybody wants one of those.

This guy is going to be in high demand.

10. Are we fat shaming dogs now?

He just needs a little TLC.

9. It’s uncanny.

Also I am cross-eyed now.

8. Sounds like a rejected Harry Potter name.

This guy would definitely be the secret hero at the end of the book.

7. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

May as well own it.

6. You might think that’s a good thing.

If so, go and get him.

5. Stahhhhp it.

Let’s turn that frown upside down.

4. He’s obviously up to something.

Maybe he’ll let you in on it.

3. This cat looks totally stoned.

Maybe that’s why she’s sitting like that.

2. Take Chair, Lamp, and Table together.

They seem like they’re a matching set.

1. This caption is life.

Someone was having a bad day when they named those babies.

I think the job of coming up with all of these names would be both fun and exhausting.

Have you seen a hilarious name on Petfinder that you still remember? Tell us what it was in the comments!