16 Historical Facts That Will Make You Want to Go Back to Class

Image Credit: Twitter

Okay, not really, because it seems like they never teach you the good history in class. If they did, everyone would love it. Universities would be overrun with history majors, and listen – I don’t think that would be a bad thing, because too many people are out there living like the past doesn’t come back around to haunt us all over again.

This account on Twitter is sharing all of the best parts of the past, and I don’t know about you, but I am totally here for it.

16. If someone deployed chickens against me, they would win.

Birds. Shudder.

15. This would get them plenty of hate mail these days.

I guess it worked, though.

14. It’s just paper.

Dry it out and voila!

13. I’m going to put Georgia on my to-visit list!

You know, once that’s allowed.


12. That definitely doesn’t translate.

Imagine someone saying that to you for the first time.

11. I would like their story, please.

Book, movie, whatever you’d like.

10. What’s normal depends on your perspective.

No comment on what’s “good” or “right.”

9. It’s almost like he wasn’t the President.

Why were there so many rules?

8. No way that dude is dead.

Look at Rasputin‘s eyes.

7. What was WRONG with Medieval humans?

I mean, we’re not all sunshine these days, but still.

6. The French are so delightfully quirky.

That, and their pastries, are why we put up with them.

5. Yeah, that was unfortunate.

Texting sure would have come in handy back then.

4. A very German take.

Which is to say, accurate.

3. Who knew?

I kind of wish they would expand their Empire now.

2. Kind of blows your mind, doesn’t it?

We are so young still.

1. Proof that humans have always been lazy.

We didn’t embrace cereal until it was ready to eat.

Some of these are new facts to me, too, and they are definitely super fun.

How fast did you follow this account on Twitter – you can tell me!