16 Hygiene Tips Everyone Needs To Hear

Look, I suspect that most of us believe we’re doing a good job/our best job at maintaining these bodies of ours. They take a lot of attention and work, though, and sometimes a thing doesn’t occur to you until someone else brings it up, right?

If you want to make sure you’re cleaning yourself as well as possible, here are 16 hygiene tips people say absolutely everyone needs to hear.

16. Food for thought.

Chandler: Soap is soap, it’s self-cleaning!

Joey: Well the next time you’re in the shower, think about the last place I wash and the first place you wash!

This is why as long as I was house sharing, I had my own toiletries!

15. It makes sense.

For those with glasses, wipe them down at the end of every day; at least every part that touches your face.

Your facial skin will start to clear up all over.

If you have thicker lenses, clean out the gunk that builds up. It’ll get hard and pop your lenses out, especially if you’re an oily or sweaty boy like me.

14. Common courtesy.

Wash your hands before sex.

Double so if you’ve recently had spicy food.

13. It’s a whole thing.

Brush your tongue! It will significantly reduce bad breath.

And brush all sides of all your teeth, not just the front.

And if you hate brushing your teeth because you have sensory issues, consider the following:

Toothpaste doesn’t need to tingle and it doesn’t need to be mint. I switched to citrus non-tingly and I never went back. Bonus, it won’t ruin the taste of your coffee.
You are allowed to use whatever water temperature you want.
Try brushing in the shower if you get task paralysis about it.

12. Damp down there.

Put on clean underwear and socks every day. Sometimes more than once a day.

Seriously, always start the day fresh and don’t let it stay damp down there if you’re exercising or working up a sweat.

11. It’s just common sense.

Wash the inside of your butt crack.

The amount of times this is stated on this thread lead me to believe that a surprising number of people do not do this.

10. On the go.


So many people with a skincare routine ignore their neck for some weird reason.

Also, if you ever forget deodorant, hand sanitizer works to get rid of the BO for a little while.

9. These are facts.

If you can afford tickets to the venue you can afford deodorant

Same for the gym, the bus, the grocery store. Just. Use. Deodorant. Please.

8. Magnificently.

Take your detachable shower head down and blast your asshole with it with every shower. Use soap. Cleans the undercarriage magnificently.

Electric toothbrush + flossing with good technique every day + tongue brush/scrape + alcohol free mouthwash.

7. Find your perfect match.

Not every scent is compatible with every body. The bottle may say eau de cologne but on you it turns into eau de durian.

I have that issue with deodorant. Something about my chemical balance mixing with most sport deodorants makes me rank af.

Powder scents are the only things that keep me smelling fresh.

6. They’re begging you.

Clean out your belly button, please.

Source: OR nurse who has to clean it after you’re asleep, before being able to clean your abdomen for surgery prep. Please.

5. That’s…gross but interesting.

Clean your piercings. Stank builds up in those holes!

I look after someone (caregiver) and it’s weird but their earring holes collect oils/skin cells and every now and then you can push the lobes and a little plug of that comes out in a little worm shape.

4. Keep the stinky germs where they belong!

Close the toilet lid BEFORE you flush.

Microscopic aerosolized water droplets from the toilet spread fecal matter and urine around the bathroom every time you flush.

Close that toilet lid before you flush, and cover your toothbrush. Seriously.

3. No excuses!

Floss. It makes your breath smell better, saves you pain and money at the dentist and reduces your risk of losing your teeth when you’re older. My in-laws have dentures and it sucks. Implants are better but very expensive.

I made excuses not to floss for years. One day I realized that that’s all they were: excuses. Now I floss every day without fail. I also scrape my tongue with a stainless steel tongue scraper.

2. And it’s gross.

Actually scrub your scalp in the shower, it’s skin and it needs to get clean. It stinks if you don’t.

1. A short list.

Wash your belly button in the shower.

Wash between your cheeks and the rim of your beehole in the shower.

Wash behind your ears.

Not in that order.

I’m not going to admit to how many of these were a lightbulb for me, but at least a few!

If you have another tip that belongs on this list, drop it in the comments!