16 Interesting Images That Made Us Sit Up and Take Notice

In this day and age of poking around the internet (and having things forcibly shared with us on social media) we see all kinds of images every single day. Most of the time they’re funny or a little bit amazing (in all kinds of ways), but other times…well, it’s just nope.

So of course, someone has dedicated an entire Instagram account to those “nope” pictures that make us click away and try to forget about it for the rest of the day – and here are 16 of the best (worst).

16. I need to know who this guy is.

Like, how does no one around him have questions?

15. This dog doing dishes.

In a…dish-washing cap? I guess?

14. Life finds a way.

It would actually hurt me to have to pull this out.

13. What…is this?

I need to keep staring at it but I don’t want to keep staring at it.

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12. Talk about perfect timing.

This would be framed on my wall. I might even try to sell it.

11. Why do they both look so pleased with themselves?

Monkeys really freak me out.

10. Who does the cat belong to?

I suppose it doesn’t really matter in the long run.

9. The inside cat is not worried.

In fact, he might have locked the door.

8. This makes me so uncomfortable.

Like. Someone get that dog right now.

7. There are so many things wrong with this.

That’s a toilet, sir.

6. That cat is playing with fire.

Which is just another day for cats, I suppose.

5. He must have been really afraid someone would nab his dinner.

I hope there was no splash back.

4. That’s a big target.

What a helpful little pelican!

3. I don’t think that meets safety protocol.

I sure hope that thing doesn’t start melting.

2. My dog would be going ape.

Maybe it was the element of surprise.

1. Everyone’s gotta have big dreams.

This one is actually pretty adorable.

Yeah, they’re definitely not false advertising with any of these pics, right?

Which one of these made you want to leave this post and never come back? We’re glad you stuck around!