16 MLM Messages That You May Have Gotten… Probably

Sometimes it can seem like people from high school only exist on social media for a couple of reasons. One of them can be to genuinely reconnect with old friends, but more common are the ones who want to remind you why you don’t want to connect with old friends – and the ones who hit you up with a private message just to try to get you to buy whatever they’re selling that well.

The dreaded MLM pitch. We’ve all gotten it, which is why these 16 messages are honestly hilarious – after all, misery loves company.

16. First of all, why would you say this to ANYONE?

But especially why would you say this to someone struggling with an eating disorder?

15. So many buzzwords.

But not the ones you usually see on Tinder.

Hit a hun on tinder, like seriously? from antiMLM

14. The face I am making right now.

Keep your kids out of it, people.

From r/antiMLM from sadcringe

13. This is pretty darn cringe.

It’s a pretty measured response, all things considered.

MLM forgot to change her recruiting template while messaging strangers on FB from cringepics

12. That last “hun,” though.

I love everything about her response.

Got this message from a not so friend & apparently I’m fat and gummies will get me to look hot?? from antiMLM

11. Wow, that is some determination.

And also zero shame, which I guess is a winning MLM combination.

One of the MLM “huns” spamming a copy/paste recruitment script they found online. Almost 10 mins later they realized their mistake, so just casually tried the EXACT same line again… emojis and all. Hmmm, I wonder what they’ll reply with when they get an answer back?!? from cringepics

10. I’m no scientist.

But absolutely none of that sounds right.

Science you say? K…. from antiMLM

9. Moms really are our biggest cheerleaders.

Even if sometimes they’d be better off thinking twice.

8. “I know you’re having a baby tomorrow, but…”

That’s one way to start a message I guess.

“I know you’re having a c-section tomorrow but…” from antiMLM

7. At least she’s up front about the pay.

Hey, I knew some people a few years ago who would have jumped at this to support their habit.

I won’t pay you but I’ll give you MLM credit toward MLM clothes! What a deal! 🙄 from ChoosingBeggars

6. They were not deterred.

But at least they took no for an answer the second time.

Oh, hun. No. from antiMLM

5. Talk about a silver lining.

I wonder if the person in the hospital feels the same way.

Friend of mine has fallen in hard with an MLM. She’s talking about her fiance here from cringepics

4. Desperate times…

Call for people who have no shame about their past actions.

She literally hasn’t spoken to me in five years from antiMLM

3. Those numbers do not match up.

Also, a job is supposed to help you buy groceries, no?

Something is not adding up?? Or am I reading this wrong… from antiMLM

2. I’m not sure that’s the answer.

I feel so bad for the person who reached out to open up. Ugh.

Ran to Walmart to grab a few things. I’m currently going through a divorce so I haven’t left my house in 5 weeks due to major depression. Ran into an old friend who works there. I felt like I was short with her and was being very rude so I tried to apologize for my behavior. This is what I got. from antiMLM

1. That’s some A+ parenting right there.

Maybe not the timing and delivery, but definitely the knowledge.

Wellllllllllllll…🤷🏼‍♀️ from antiMLM

You’d think people would get new tactics – we’re onto all of these!

What’s the funniest MLM pitch you’ve gotten from an old “friend?” Tell us the story down in the comments!