16 Moments When People Realized They’d Become “The Man”

When you’re young, it’s easy to say “damn the man!” but listen – the older you get, the more responsibilities you take on, it can be hard to remember why you thought the man was so bad.

Or, like these 16 people, you might not even realize you’ve crossed over to the dark side until it’s too late.

16. A self-fulfilling promise.

When I was a kid, I railed against smoking weed.

I would tell people about how it makes people unfocused, unmotivated, and lazy.

I even participated in school projects where we made videos about how bad marijuana is.

Now, I smoke pretty much every day.

Many of my friends tried weed for the first time because of me.

And I’ve become very unfocused, unproductive, and lazy.

15. When you know you’re not ready.

When I realised I’m the boss now.

I don’t really have a boss. It’s weird.

The owner is ostensibly my boss, but he won’t manage the company.

Therefore each area manager is the boss. I’m way too immature for this.

14. Good thing you already killed him.

It was when I had earned degrees in a useful field, took a job working first shift Monday through Friday starting at 7:30am, and bought a house in the suburbs.

Twenty year old me would be spinning in his grave.

13. Oh, the hypocrisy!

Reddit: Look at these Facebook pages stealing videos off of creators!

12. You do you.

At 15 I was a devout Christian. I even went to camps and won theology competitions. If you showed me a picture of a naked lady, I’d cover my eyes and feel extra sinful that day.

Now I’m agnostic and I haven’t been inside a church for years.

I’m thinking about starting my tattoo sleeves soon and I fap regularly.

Total 180.

11. A watershed moment.

When I hated my dad’s abuse for years and years and years to a point where I developed CPTSD, and as an adult I swore I’d never let myself get to that point.

But just last month my best friend of six years blocked me on everything one day, and I found she had made a post on askreddit expressing how disrespectful, toxic, and stressful I was. She had told me at one point, “You know, you seem to really hate the abuse you’ve been through, but you don’t realize how similar you are to him.”

I’ve been spending the last two months being unable to sleep knowing that I let myself get to this point and I’ve just been isolating myself from people now. I’ve been beating myself up everyday over those words, because even though they hurt a lot, there was a reason she ran off from speaking to me.

10. This is a common story!

Told my parents all the time that their bloodline ends with me. They’d better hope my brother has all the grandkids, because I wont.

I have a 17 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. I sure showed them!

9. Gold star.

Are you asking if I’m a corporate shill?

Because yes I am.

Ever get a letter from a corporation politely telling you to f*ck off?

I write those.

8. Karma can be a friend.

When a priest says covid is god’s punishment for sins and gets positively tested for covid after that.

7. It’s beautiful here.

I used to be absolutely against swearing and now I can’t go two sentences without saying a curse.

6. The Lego Movie. Who knew?

Mine is music related, I used to mock many different kinds of music for being what I deemed lesser forms of music. Mainly because I play many instruments and am partial to music made solely with instruments. I have always enjoyed other forms of music, but I never would advocate for it, or admit that I liked it, simply because I didn’t want to be associated with the world surrounding them, the fans and so on.

Now I make and actively participate in nearly all the kinds of music I mocked before.

Funny enough, it was the Lego Movie that helped me see the different side of things with my ignorant perspective, as they describe a scene in the movie where the child is explaining why the creativity that looks chaotic is not necessarily bad, it hit me hard, because much like the overlord (Will Ferrell) I too sought order and structure amidst what I deemed was musical chaos. Now, I see the joy of inspiration that one form of music can leave on others as well as how many different influences a musician can have.

That is my “little” story, I’m cool with it now, but had I met my 18 year old self, I would have probably called me a sell-out.

I have become that which I sought to destroy.

5. It’s gotten the best of us all.

When I realized I was arguing online with some idiot over something I really didn’t give a crap about.

Always tried to be more kind and positive because of petty argumentative assholes online but then I became that d*ckhead.

2020 has been a pretty wild ride.

4. Hope the Mexican pizza wasn’t your favorite.

Used to utterly hate Taco Bell.

Always threw a fit whenever we’d eat there as kids.

Then as a young adult, i discovered the steak quesarito.

Sorry bros.

3. Temptation arrives.

When to grad school for geophysics and my thesis was geothermal energy resource scouting. Immediately was offered a very high paying job for the oil and gas industry.

I ended up turning it down to stay green, but oh man that was a tough decision.

2. Get off my lawn!

This year, the school bus drop off is right in front of my house. The other day some kids got off the bus and cut across my lawn.

I got irrationally upset. Then I realized I have turned into my father.

1. I imagine there are some upsides, though.

I became a doctor.

I hate doctors.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

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