12 Memes That Will Make Your Adulthood the Funniest Hood

When adulting gets annoying you need a good laugh. These memes should do the trick. They’re funny enough to be an escape from the realities of life.

So set aside that huge pile of bills and read these 12 hilarious memes.

1. Classic literature.

Also a true statement.

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2. You’ve been warned.

Bless your heart.

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3. Bow to the queen.

And get your own blanket.

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4. The Elves are magic.

Their tree kitchen will be just fine.

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5. I think we miss our dogs more than they miss us.

They’re napping or going through the garbage–something fun like that.

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6. What a difference a century makes.

A kinder, gentler witcher.

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7. I don’t mind the comparison one bit.

We’re growing old together.

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8. Life used to be so simple.

So did love.

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9. Whoopsie.

And gross.

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10. Yikes, Mario!

Run away all the way back to the first flag.

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11. The smell of nothing getting done.

Make your mom a drink.

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12. Your girlfriend is either a really good tipper.

Or is seeing “Pizza Hut” on the side.

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Being an adult is fun. You get to stay up late, eat cake for breakfast and watch R rated movies.

Of course, paying taxes and going to doctor’s appointments are a drag. But, look at it this way–you also get to make your life any way you want.

So, complain a little, laugh a lot and appreciate the little things.