16 Of The Funniest Insults Out There On The Web

Look, I know that the advice to “be kind” has really gained a lot of traction over the past several years, but hear me out – sometimes, that’s really bad advice Some people don’t deserve kindness, and sometimes you being kind in the face of someone else being awful and inappropriate just amounts to not standing up for yourself.

Which is all to say that sometimes a well-timed insult is exactly what the doctor ordered – and these 16 people not only busted one out, but it was a great one as well.

16. Mansplaining at its finest.

You’ve gotta love it, y’all. Yikes.

Shoot like a girl. from rareinsults

15. I think she insulted everyone at the same time.

But listen, they’ve been through a lot this year.

Flight attendant has had enough from rareinsults

14. Everyone is always hating on France.

They’re such an easy target, I guess.

France is Garbage from rareinsults

13. It’s a fair question.

I would honestly love to hear this answer.

Found in the James Cordon AMA from rareinsults

12. Babies get off easy.

They do literally anything and people fall all over themselves.

turd in a marshmallow from rareinsults

11. Blunt is one word for it.

Maybe she’s just not interested, though. Hmm?

This was blunt indeed from rareinsults

10. This made me laugh.

It really paints a picture, you know?

Not a fan of British cuisine from rareinsults

9. A science burn.

It’s very timely. I like it.

8. That’s exactly what it looks like.

It’s not an insult so much as a description.

They aren’t wrong from rareinsults

7. Why do I feel like her ex wrote this.

I guess he would know.

Value is in the eye of the beholder from rareinsults

6. Mothers really tell it like it is.

That’s what they’re there for, you know?

Mother knows the best from rareinsults

5. I mean, I’m kind of here for it.

There’s a reason Flynn Ryder is so many ladies’ favorite.

Its hard prince-thug life from rareinsults

4. I absolutely cannot unsee this now.

I don’t see how anyone could.

On an influencer who has trained his jaw… from rareinsults

3. I cannot imagine how much work this would be.

Like. Literally all the time. No break.

Just because you have ink doesn’t mean you have to print from rareinsults

2. You gotta start ’em young.

It’s the family business, after all.

— Idioth sandbith — from rareinsults

1. Who among us has not felt this way.

The whole ordeal surrounding babies is so unfair to women.

Wife is breastfeeding and I’m in bed… from rareinsults

I hope that one day I can be as clever and have such good timing.

What’s the best insult you’ve ever given (or witnessed)? We’re dying to hear about it in the comments!