14 People Who Are Definitely Going To Need Some Cream For That Burn

I know that we’re supposed to be kind and go high and take the road above people who we’d really like to let have it, but let’s face it – sometimes it just feels really good to let a well-timed and killer insult fly, doesn’t it?

These 14 people had some insults in their back pockets that were too good not to use, and honestly, maybe their targets deserved it. Just this once?

14. Those adoptable pet profiles are an art form of their own.

This one just wrote itself.

Screw this, I’m just gonna go to Petland from rareinsults

13. I mean…accurate.

Seriously, what is going on with that mustache?

I died laughing at this specifically accurate comment from rareinsults

12. You want to announce yourself properly.

It’s only polite.

That one must’ve hurt… from rareinsults

11. It’s probably mean to giggle at genetics.

But they could make the perfect offspring!

Close yet far from rareinsults

10. I mean…he did ask.

A fact he’s probably regretted every day since.

Roasting the Reachers from rareinsults

9. You’ve got to love a good “your mom” joke.

At least I can never resist one.

2021s best ‘yo momma’ insult from rareinsults

8. Boomers and Gen Z going at it again.

Boomers think it’s a Millennial, though.

Old man questions on what his fitness trainer told him do from rareinsults

7. Someone without a lot of artistic talent.

Or not a very good memory.

This is pure gold from rareinsults

6. Those poor gingers.

They get the last laugh when they steal your soul.

Honoring the true hero from rareinsults

5. The insults write themselves.

Honestly they get better and better, too.

I can’t unsee that now from rareinsults

4. Why is this so funny?

I’m imagining the same expression on a cartoon mouse.

Fresh out of the crematorium from rareinsults

3. Is that how it’s supposed to look?

I wasn’t…I wasn’t aware.

How it feels to chew 5 gum. Stimulate your senses. from rareinsults

2. He just looks a little deflated.

Overcooked, if you will.

My man’s spitting facts here from rareinsults

1. That poor kid can’t catch a break.

We’re all going to be watching to see how he turns out.

Where do u come up with this from rareinsults

I don’t feel too bad laughing at these, and I hope you didn’t, either.

What’s the best insult you’ve ever come up with on the fly? Let us give you a virtual high-five in the comments!