What Did You Do the Night of December 31, 1999? People Shared Their Stories.

If you aren’t old enough to remember, the lead-up to 2000 was filled with all kinds of paranoia and theories about how haywire everything was going to go.

And I think most people probably remember where they were and what they did that night.

I was in Colorado visiting a friend who was a ski instructor and she hooked my friends and I up with free lodging AND free lift tickets…and we were far enough away from civilization that if the s**t hit the fan we’d probably be okay…at least for a little while.

What did you do on December 31, 1999?

Let’s see what people had to say.

1. That’s funny!

“I was at a Y2K party and an attendee snuck off to cut power to the house at the stroke of midnight.”

2. In the war room.

“71 here…

I was a 50 year old cyber security analyst in a “Large US Government Executive Department”.

I and my colleagues spent the night camped out in the war room.

At that moment we all watched the screens that depicted the behavior of our main IT systems.

At 3 AM, I left.”

3. Snoozing.

“I was in bed, and heard my dad destroying the ceiling with the champagne cork in the kitchen and my mom’s scared scream.

It was funny.”

4. What a night.

“I was only 8, but I remember we filled our bathtub up with water incase the water stopped working hahaha.

Then we went to my moms friend’s house and waited…

Thats all I remember.”

5. Classy!

“I was 16. I remember being on Beale St. in Memphis, Tenn. engaging in underage drinking.

I also remember a lot of drunk people attacking those people that pass out the Christian pamphlets. They yelled.

They hilariously tried to fight sober people. That’s what I remember.”

6. Sweet.

“Danced with and kissed my wife as I did every New Year’s at exactly that time as I did for 40 years while she was here.

We never missed a year so I know exactly what I was doing from 1963 till 2004.

Precious times indeed.”

7. Yeah, brah…

“Standing in the Everglades with ~75,000 other people watching the band Phish start a set that would last until the sun came up.

Danced and partied all night long, didn’t know if Y2K had caused problems till morning, didn’t really care.”

8. Police work.

“Was working as a police officer on the night shift ready for all hell to break loose.

This was very close to DC and we were warned we faced higher level of threats.

Nothing happened of, course.”

9. What an accomplishment.

“I made a ham sandwich.

I had a sudden desire to be the first person to do something that new year and new millennium. This was what was available in the maybe thirty seconds before the 20th century disappeared.

That is how I became the first person to eat a ham sandwich in the 21st century.”

10. Sounds…kind of terrible.

“I was at a Metallica / Kid Rock concert.

I was also pretty dr**k, so a lot of it’s a blur.

But I do remember Kid Rock having Uncle Sam on stilts.”

11. Nothing to worry about.

“I was at a huge house party waiting for all hell to break loose. Nothing happened and we continued partying our 18-19 year old a**es off.

A block in my city did actually lose power right around midnight cause some d**nk ran his truck into a transformer.

I bet those people thought the apocalypse was upon them, LOL.”

12. Good times!

“I was under the Sydney harbour bridge with friends getting wasted. Once the festivities were over, we walked back over the harbour bridge heading north to a friend’s place to crash.

The next morning we went to McDonalds and ordered so much food that I’ll never forget the urgency around those awesome employees fulfilling our order.

Good times!”

13. Uneventful.

“Medium size house party with friends.

I swear I thought aliens were gonna land in Times Square or there was gonna be some terrorist attack.”

Do you remember what you did on December 31, 1999?

Tell us your stories in the comments.

Thanks a bunch!