What Do You Think Is the Biggest Waste of Money? Here’s What People Had to Say.

To each their own, but I really don’t understand why people spend BIG money on brand-name clothes.

But, then again, some people probably think I look like a dirtbag, so it is what it is…

But still, you won’t find me dishing out the cash for any Gucci bags anytime soon.

What do you think is a big waste of money?

Here’s what folks had to say.

1. Keep your nose clean.

“Getting in legal trouble.

Source: I am the parent of a young man struggling to get his s**t together.”

2. Pretty dumb.

“A designer coffin.

You’re literally d**d and it’s being buried hopefully forever.

Why the hell do you need a fancy mahogany one with bronze handles?”

3. Not buying it.

“Those shady online courses for losing weight or becoming a millionaire.

Anything that promises a shortcut to a common problem is suspect.”

4. Time to quit.

“Ci**rettes has probably been posted but that’s mine.

I have literally spent tens of thousands of dollars on something I know is not only gross but also horrible for me.”

5. Are they worth it?

“Add on extended warranty at the register.

There are exceptions but it’s generally either not worth the money or it doesn’t cover what your issue was anyway.”

6. No way.

“Giving money to “influencers”.

My buddy once gave an influencer $2,500 to promote his book.

He didn’t sell any more copies.”

7. Truth!

“Buying really expensive clothes for children.

They grow out of them in a year.”

8. Amen!

“Funding televangelists.

I mean, any other stuff mentioned in here can have an use, that would more or less worthy of money depending of each person, but televangelists are there LITERALLY ONLY to take your money and give you nothing in exchange but threats and screams.”

9. That is sad.


My parents deposit all of their retirement money into these ATMs all the time. It’s sad.

It’s their money, but d**n. Use your money on literally anything else.”

10. Donate your money.

“Cancer “awareness”.

Donate to the research. Everyone knows what cancer is.

Some charities do work towards the cause, but some don’t.”

11. Collecting dust.

“Art supply kits. They are meant for beginners, and can be expensive as hell.

They look great for motivation and hope, but half of the items inside won’t even be used, collecting dust in their closets.

Much more efficient to know exactly what you are buying, and getting it separately.”

12. Pay up!

“Dating apps.

These companies cash in on your loneliness and withhold potential matches until you pay up.”

13. Suckers.

“Donating to a political campaign.

They take your money and then laugh behind your back for being such a sucker.”

14. Hmmm…

“Employment insurance.

Pay into it for your whole life and if you lose your job for a reason they deem alright you can claim it for a little while but not too long even tho you paid into it for decades.

Then get taxed on the money they paid you even tho you paid that money and were taxed on it once already.”

What do you think is a big waste of money?

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