16 People Confess the Everyday Things That Get Under Their Skin

We all have those little quirks, right? Those things that bug us, get to us, that we just can’t let go of, even though the next person might not think it’s much of a big deal at all.

There’s no telling what’s going to set someone off, so if you’re wondering just why a person you know is grinding their teeth through a party of conversation, check this list – maybe you can spot just what is getting under their skin!

16. Okay change then!

“That’s just the way I am.” Grow up

Or worse when they say “I’m a bitch/asshole”… admitting that does not excuse you or make you less of one. Again, grow up

15. Interruptions can certainly be annoying.

Starting to say something in a conversation just for someone else to cut you off and then you not being able to get in what you wanted to say before the topic changes.

14. You know what’s coming next.

“No offense, but…”

13. I do hate excuses.

People making excuses for their shitty behavior, and expecting every to just ACCEPT their shitty behavior.

“That’s just how I am” and “Hi I’m James and I’m an asshole, so get used to it”

12. That’s really not even very funny.

“Omg I have crackhead energy!”

No you don’t. Your sense of humor is just screaming at random times and thinking it’s funny.

11. And it’s usually people that are there to serve them in some manner.

Mock or condescend someone for trying to do their job.

10. Rage inducing, to be sure.

Asking me to like, comment and subscribe at the beginning or in the middle of the video.

9. Alcoholism isn’t cute.

Mamabear needs wine, or any variation.

It’s so tacky.

8. Everyone is trying really hard to convince themselves.

BLESSED. IM BLESSED, WE’RE BLESSED, blessed written in cursive on a piece of wood somewhere, all of it.

7. I think we can all get on board with that.

Currently, I despise all the phrases we’re using in regards to the pandemic:


“The New Normal”

6. Bahaha that last line though.

“Sorry I have no filter” no sweetheart, you just want an excuse to do/say whatever you want.

I’m looking at you, mother.

5. Walking super slow anywhere, tbh.

Walking super slow down the middle of a grocery aisle. Grrrrrr!

4. This might one day cause my divorce.

I get bothered by the sound of other people eating.

Mostly the chewing part.

When it’s otherwise silent in the room and that’s the only noise, I hate it.

3. People need to cease and desist.

“Oh that must mean it’s free!”

Am a cashier :/

2. Didn’t your mother teach you?!

Not covering their sneeze in public places

1. English is hard but come on.

People adding apostrophes to words that are plural words, eg. ‘taxi’s’.

I’m dying at some of these (and totally identifying with others!).

What would you add to this list? We want to hear your peeves in the comments!